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Weight Loss is an EVERYDAY thing!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I had a great loss on Saturday. Very excited! Worried that I might have put it back on already. Weekends are such a difficult time for me, not to mention it's just about that time of the month for me to so my chocolate cravings are going beserk!

I have tracked everything though...I am out of balance with my Points Plus right now...I need to get 26 exercise points before Saturday...which is doable. But, I also have Thanksgiving within that time frame. Thanksgiving isn't as difficult for me food wise, unless I start drinking wine. So, this year, I am going to try not to have wine so I can keep myself in check!

I will take TKB and Zumba tonight, Zumba tomorrow, Turkey Trot on Thursday morning and Friday will be a Zumba class as well. That should be about 30pp, so that will give me a little buffer.

This week...I learned that weight loss is an effort EVERYDAY!

Whether you are trying to lose or maintain, it is something we have to do each and every day. I think I still have it in my head that if you lose, you are done. Nope, it doesn't work that way. Weight loss is not a check list. You can't just cross it off . It has to be on your To Do List each and every day!

Knowing that kinda makes me want to throw a little kid fit and say, "But, that's not fair!!!"

Well, Kristi, it may not be fair, but that's how it is for you. Everyone has their own battle, and have a battle to fight with food. You can win though! It's not a hopeless fight! Just remind yourself every day that...

You CAN do it!
You are STRONG!
You ARE worth it!

*** Grateful November ***
Nov 15: Grateful that my body still works and I have all my pieces and parts. Others in this world are not so lucky.
Nov 16: Grateful that I was able to get an extensive education, many girls in this world are never afforded this opportunity.
Nov 17: Grateful that I have been able to cover my bills since quitting a job I was miserable and depressed in. Ever so grateful for this!
Nov 18: Grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me in my career. I am very lucky to be able to change career directions and appreciate it more than words can say.
Nov 19: Grateful for the people that I have met in life. Their personal life experiences have helped me in many ways, they have made me a better person.
Nov 20: Grateful for my car, especially living in Southern California! My little car is 4 years old and I put 155k miles on it, but it keeps going and I love it for that!
Nov 21: Grateful for these past two months...even though they have been difficult because I haven't worked (and I am a workaholic), they have taught me the value of slowing down and living in the present, rather the future.
Nov 22: Grateful for socks! LOL! Yes, my feet get cold all the time, in fact they are freezing right now, but socks are the best and keep me warm. I'm thankful I have plenty and they are clean!
Nov 23: Grateful that I like to cook! I may not be a gourmet chef, but I can cook and the more I do it, the better I get.
Nov 24: Grateful for my wacky sense of humor and way of looking at life, which I got from my Dad. It has come in so handy when things were not going well, it was the thing that lifted me back up.
Nov 25: Grateful for water! I drink a ton of it and there are many people that don't have this essential element in life. I am lucky to have water at my fingertips to drink, to bathe and to keep our plants alive and well.
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