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Little Black Dress

Monday, November 25, 2013

First off, before I say anything else...thank you, all, for the lovely birthday wishes! Although I was out of state for my actual birthday (which coupled with a long day at work was somewhat miserable), I have had a lovely birthday week, celebrating with my beloved family and friends.

So, last week was my birthday, and I celebrated. This time last year, I was a week into my program and was bemoaning not being able to have anything fun. (Though I was happy about my initial 8 pound loss - I don't want to sound TOO much like a grump!) So this year, I did splurge. I went out to eat several times. I had cake (actually a cupcake, and actually I split it with three other people). I even had a couple of drinks.

But now that that is over, I'm actually kinda glad to get back into a more "normal" eating plan. I want to go back to running more regularly (work was messing up my schedule, as was a cracked toenail), eating more veggies, and just hanging out. I haven't noticed any significant weight gain (still can fit in my clothes, still within my +/- 5 pound range), but I don't want to slide back into my lazy habits.

Anyway, today's entry I called "Little Black Dress" because I had a rather fun time last night.

So when I used my credit card, I get rewards I can use on, say a $50 gift card to Macy's. I happened to have 2 of these cards I was going to use A) after I made my weight goals and B) for my birthday. So last night, my sister and I headed to Macy's to find me a Holiday Dress.

It was a ridiculous amount of fun to try on the dresses. We found a couple that were nice, but I felt hesitant. And then I had my sister (who is amazing BTW!) go back and pick out a certain dress:


I didn't know how it would look on me, but I tried it on and I KNEW it was the dress. I looked BEAUTIFUL. I loved it on me and didn't want to stop swirling the skirt!

Although I ended up buying a size 12 instead of my usual 10, I didn't allow myself to feel bad. For one thing, a Calvin Klein dress is different from a Target dress. For another thing, it's not the SIZE that matters, it's how I FEEL. And size 12 made me FEEL amazing!

This time last year, I didn't own a dress. I didn't wear a dress. I didn't think I could EVER wear a dress. In ONE YEAR, I have become a new person. A person who is active and alive and enjoying her life. Someone who is confident in her body and finds herself sexy - even with the jiggly arms and belly fat. I am me, and Me is pretty fantastic!
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