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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Good: I worked hard in front of my tv today, mimicking Josh Axe.
The Bad: My elbow met up with one of those dried navy beans when I got down on the floor to do those God forsaken walking planks (See my blog Obstacles for background information)
The Ugly: What I said when that little unforeseen boggle transpired

The Good: I walked 4 miles
The Bad: I walked those 4 miles in the rain
The Ugly: Seeing me trying to peel wet clothes off that were stickier than gorilla glue (not trying to be punny. Eh. Scratch that. I'll take the pun even if it was an accident.)

The Good: Reading a story to my son
The Bad: Having my breast used as a fulcrum point for his little pointy elbow when a distraction caught his fancy
The Ugly: Big ole bruise

The Good: Purposing to go cook breakfast first thing this morning
The Bad: After starting to cook breakfast, my son had a fiber related issue. On the way to deal with that, UPS guy knocked on the door. On the way to the door, the phone rings. On the way to the phone, I remember the breakfast. On the way back to the stove, my son has picked up the frog potty and runs to show my husband. Worried that the aforementioned fiber related issue is about to spill, I run to grab the frog, when I step on dried navy beans.
The Ugly: Disaster not averted due to navy bean wrinkle

You just can't make this stuff up. Just a typical day around here though. Ya think some reality show people might be interested in our lives? Let's flesh this out.

The Good: Make oodles of money.
The Bad: The whole country knows all about us, warts and all
The Ugly: We become laughing stock of said country.

Guess I'll pass on fortune and notoriety.
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