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I want to know what a lifestyle change is?

Friday, November 22, 2013

So, you say you’re on a lifestyle change…

Well, what is a lifestyle change, and where do I get the book or the video about this change?

OMG! The questions people ask when you lose weight. It can be unbelievable at times, and then at times, somewhat believable, but you go on and play the question answer game. I wasn’t sure what to say to this woman, but as we talked I found myself saying more and more as each question came forth.

Question: What type of diet are you on?
Answer: It’s a lifestyle change.
Question: Is it a diet pill, fitness DVD, or book?
Answer: No, it’s a way of life, mines and many others.
Question: Where do I get information on changing my life?
Answer: Self-help books or searching online. Here’s a helpful link.
Question: Can you suggest a few books?
Answer: Living Well by Montel Williams
Question: Why you suggest Montel Williams’s book?
Answer: It worked for me. He shared a story, his story on living well and having a balance life with MS and I wanted a balance life as well.

Question: But, how do you change your life into a lifestyle?
Answer: A lifestyle change is a way of life period. The way of your life right now as you view it and the things you are willing to do to change your life for the greater good. A lifestyle change is meant for (positive) changes you’re reversing a life (negative) and turning it into a (positive). Like, my weight (being overweight) was a negative for me. I had to turn my weight into a healthy (positive) because being overweight for me had a negative effect on my life. It was life or death. Right now I choose life.
Question: Was it hard?
Answer: At first it was, but I had to find balance within myself and my surroundings.
Question: Did you seek self-help groups?
Answer: Yes! And I do have a group of ladies and we do phone chats. But what really helped me the most was the holistic approach to healthy living.
Question: What is the holistic approach to healthy living?
Answer: Holistic approach to living well means to live a healthy lifestyle that includes looking at the entire body as a whole –Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally. A healthy body is a strong, flexible, pain free body that should be disease free. The immune system should be strong and as balance as you are. You are what you live, love, eat, breathe and think. That’s part of the holistic approach.
~You are what you live!
~You are what you love!
~You are what you eat!
~You are what you breathe!
~You are what you think!
And most importantly, you are what you do!

Question: Are you coaching anyone at this present time?
Answer: Yes, I am coaching a few family members and friends.
Question: Are you paid to do this?
Answer: No, but years down the road when I establish myself in this I will. Maybe I will keep this as a paying it forward kind of deal.
Question: Are you hard on people who work out with you?
Answer: No, I’m only hard on myself.
Question: Why aren’t you hard, like the other trainers or coaches?
Answer: People have issues with commitments, and I have them too, but sometimes my desire for someone else isn’t a desire for them. They have to want it as bad as I do. I promise you. I will not waste my time. I will do me if you don’t show up. That’s a known fact in my life.

Question: Is this part of your lifestyle change?
Answer: Yes, my lifestyle change is all about doing me. I have to make this about me each and every day for the rest of my life. I no longer put myself on the backburner. That’s not an option for me or even a thought for me. I’m done with juggling myself so I can fit myself in their world or their lives. It’s about me now, and this is my time. All of this time is mines. I’m willing to share my time with you, but I will not waste my time on no one. And this is my key to doing me successfully.
Question: How does your husband feel about your weight loss?
Answer: At first, my weight loss wasn’t something he noticed right away. My husband didn’t notice my weight loss fully until this year. I guess he didn’t want to say anything negative or positive; because we had arguments with the word (diet) booming out of one of our mouths. I would talk about my “lifestyle” change in 2012 in private most of the time or not to him, I didn’t voice my ups and downs that much, but he saw them because I wore them physically. What he thinks and how he feels is music to my ears. Babe, you did well, and that’s what he thinks and share.

Lady with all the questions: Lynn, I’m not sure if I’m ready for a lifestyle change as of yet. I don’t understand it fully, but I’m sure you’ll help me get there. I too want to smile with my eyes and talk with great passion on how I feel about myself. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me.

I don’t know my friend of the family friend that well, but she wanted to hear it from me. She didn’t want to hear someone else talking about my lifestyle change. It was all about education with her, and when Melody left she left with a greater understanding about lifestyle change and what it means to change your life. I have to feel good about that.

Peace & Blessing Friends….
Live your lifestyle! Don’t live your diet! A diet isn’t a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change is your life!
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