Surgery scheduled

Friday, November 22, 2013

My husband and I met with the surgeon today. We really liked him. He is experienced with this type of surgery and also has a very good bedside manner. He explained everything to us and answered all our questions with ease. He agreed that this was the best treatment for my hyperthyroidism since there is a family history of thyroid cancer and my nodules are large.

My surgery is scheduled for Dec. 18th. It will be in-patient. I will stay either one or two nights, depending on how I do. He will use a nerve monitor during surgery to help protect my vocal cords and parathyroid glands during surgery. He will also take a frozen sample and have it sent to the lab for pathology results while I am in surgery to help determine if he needs to remove any lymph nodes at that time. The final pathology results will be in about a week later when I return for a follow up visit with him.

Having surgery the week before Christmas isn't so great, but at least we are getting it in before the end of the year so it will not cost us anything since I already met my out of pocket maximum expense earlier this year with a surgery I had in January.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers. The weather did hold off for us this morning so the driving went okay. It started sleeting while we were there, but it was not bad.
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