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Greek? Psh, ain't no thang!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today was grocery shopping day, which meant eating dinner out day. We decided on Greek... and I stuck to plan! Normally I get a chicken feta sub with fries. Today I got a chicken feta sub with no sauce {that was sad, but necessary} and a cup of chicken soup. I was SO PROUD of myself. Going out for food almost always does me in, but this time I stood my ground and made a healthy choice. And the soup was delicious. Homemade, not out of a can.

"Dinner" was my second meal of the day, which I suppose made it lunch, and then for ACTUAL dinner I had a big salad with tuna and whole grain toast. I didn't get in a lot of veggies with my Greek, so I made up for it with a salad. I had the new Starkist Tuna Creations ranch flavored tuna and it was good!

I've also gotten in 2 servings of fruit today. An apple and a pear. And a cup of Greek yogurt for snack. So all in all, it has been a pretty good day. In particular considering we had dinner out. I got in all my produce and stayed on plan.

Shopping was uneventful. I got some zucchini and summer squash that I'm gonna roast one day this week for some veggie variety. And salad mix, tomatoes, apples, pears and bananas. I also got a bag of frozen berries to have on hand if I run out of fruit. We finished our Thanksgiving shopping list except for the turkey and pie. {Yes, I know, pie... we each have a piece and the rest goes in the trash.}

I'm actually finding myself getting nervous about TG. My plan is to eat whatever I want at dinner, and otherwise, business as usual. The problem is that my brain LOVES "all or nothing" thinking, and I'm so afraid I'm gonna say "Eh, I already had a big dinner, might as well have a big ol' plate of leftovers!" and then that will turn into "Well I might as well enjoy the weekend and get started again on Monday." and so on. I am loathe of the idea of wasting food, but it's gonna happen. As soon as we finish our meal, the unhealthy stuff is going in the trash. Last year I kept it around for dh, but ended up eating it myself. Not gonna let that happen this year. Once we've had our dinner, it's gone. Except the turkey, of course, which I will make wonderful things with for a couple days after. I'm nervous, but DETERMINED, that I will not let this get me off track. One meal won't be the end of the world, but when it turns into a weekend, and in all likelihood it would continue into the following week... that's a problem, and I won't let it happen.

Nothing else going on around here. Quiet day, quiet evening. Dh is taking a nap and the dog and cat are both curled up with him. I guess they think he has the right idea. {That, and it's strangely cold in here tonight.} Now I'm gonna curl up under a fluffy blanket with a magazine and read for a while. Hope everyone has had a great Thursday and is ready and rarin' for Friday!

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    You don't really need to Throw the Leftovers in the Trash, just parcel them out in to healthy portion sizes and freeze them for later. but make sure you get them in the freezer quickly or you'll be tempted by the seconds. It's less convenient to thaw them if you're just being Peckish.

    Good Luck with it all. Today is Turkey Day on the boat, I like to eat a little bit of everything myself to. (Every Sunday is Turkey Day, We don't really celebrate actual thanksgiving cause there are only 2 Americans on board, same for Canadian Thanksgiving last month) But i do not allow myself seconds, because i know that if i wait the extra 10-15 minutes i will be full from the first plate.
    1668 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Is it possible to knock on a neighbors door and tell them you had too much food and would they like the rest? Even if you never met them, would they refuse free food? Just an idea..
    1669 days ago
    Good for you!! Sounds like you had a healthy eating day!! Eating out is really difficult but you did really good!!!

    I try a little of everything at Thanksgiving but really do control portions. I usually have 12-15 people so it isn't hard since everyone else is eating too. We usually don't have too many leftovers!! My problem with Thanksgiving is that I make banana pudding, my favorite dessert and it takes ALL of my willpower just to have a few spoonfuls. I only ever make it for a few holidays and would not even make so as not to be tempted but it is also my son and his girlfriend's favorite too. Gotta please the kids! emoticon

    Have another great healthy day!!!

    1670 days ago
    Great food choices today! I'm nervous about Thanksgiving too. I'm going to try having one meal where I can indulge and then be on track for the rest of the day.
    1670 days ago
  • JO88BAKO
    Great plan!! You are doing awesome!! Has DH given you any stickers lately? You have earned quit a few I think! Have a great nights sleep
    1670 days ago
    Sounds like you have a good plan. emoticon emoticon A few days ago I looked on the food tracker and added up all the calories in the meal and it really wasn't that bad at all. I wont have a problem with the pies because I don't like pie emoticon Good job sticking to your plan with eating out. That is a really hard thing to do, but it feels so good afterward to know you were able to eat out and not blow your calories for the day!
    Stick to your plan for Thanksgiving emoticon emoticon
    1670 days ago
  • PROUDNM1987
    Woohoo!! Sounds like you did great!! And don't worry too much about Thanksgiving! I plan on having at least a spoonful of everything and that should be enough to fill me up! As far as dessert goes then I will choose the one I really want the most and have a small piece! It is only one day and we can get back to normal the next day!! emoticon Have a wonderful Friday!!!!!
    1670 days ago
    I'm nervous about Thanksgiving too, but a few years back when I was doing Weight Watchers, the meeting we had we talked about that problem of wanting to eat it all and how we tend to let loose and gain a ton over the holidays, and I tried out a method that has worked for me.

    I fill my plate once, with anything I want to eat from the options for dinner. Even if it is packed full, I allow myself that ONE plate of whatever I want and that's it.

    With dessert, I'm going to be trying that this year for the 2nd year. It worked last year, but sweets are my LARGEST downfall, especially with holiday pies and pastries.

    We'll see how it works, but if any is left we'll either pass it off to my relatives to "take home" the leftovers and if we take anything at all, we'll take enough turkey to make a crock pot meal with it or use it for a grilled turkey sandwich the next day, and freeze whatever is left for future use.

    I am so happy for you that you had a great dinner out! I usually fall off program too when going out to eat, but still try to track anyway.

    That soup sounds amazing! My mouth is watering just reading about it. emoticon

    Good job on the dinner and good plan for the holiday! And remember, we're in the journey and it takes time. I try to take each day, meal, even minute if necessary, at a time. I fall off program a lot, but try to still track it, even though it hurts to do it, and just aim to brush myself off and move on. I'm trying to not beat myself up for mistakes anymore, and it is making a difference in my approach. I don't get so depressed when I mess up like I used to. My new motto is like that of a quote from the Anne of Green Gables movies, "Every day is NEW, with NO mistakes in it."

    As long as we know that each day, and even each meal time, is new with no mistakes, we can take hold of that and move on to better choices.

    I hope this helps you in your nervousness about Thanksgiving. I'm nervous too, but will use this if I mess up too, but at the moment, I feel strong enough to not mess up...I just hope it sticks around until next week!

    Take Care! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1670 days ago
    Try making enough for the one meal if you can and then you won't have so much to toss. I hate throwing out food too, but it's better than eating a bunch of meals off plan. Congrats on your healthy eating day!
    1670 days ago
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