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Making Changes...

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Interesting events.

My body is changing.

I'm not sure if it's good things or a bad things, or just "one of those" things, but I suddenly started having hypoglycemic episodes in the middle of the night again. I called my endocrinologist (the new one) and we lowered the night time dose of long-acting insulin. That worked for about a week, and I was crashing again. So now, my short-acting insulin for dinner has been adjusted so if it's high at pre-dinner, I'm not to compensate for that--and the dose for my evening snack has been eliminated completely... and so far only one crash--but my morning readings are all over the place, some high, some low.


The government stuff that has been going on?... my food stamps have been cut. I'm still working to revamp my menu so I won't end up having to survive on stuff I'm not supposed to be eating-- it's become extremely difficult to get everything I need and stay above my minimum calorie count--and the sodium levels lately have been way too high so my BP and kidneys are being affected. Funny how that works: the more sodium in my diet, the less in my blood stream--and potassium goes through the roof too, even though I'm not exceeding my daily limit on that. So all kinds of muscle issues...

...and the light burned out in my living room, so I inadvertently walked into the corner of my new bench. I have this lovely bruise just below my left knee to the inside-- and just opposite in back there is now a knot that hurts when I walk.

It's a good thing I'm used to challenges-- like I needed another one... LOL

On another front...

I got a text from my ex yesterday...

...He's very seriously contemplating coming back to Washington state from Texas!
His "fiancée" had refused to set a date, and now insists she has no plans to marry again. I met her, and I actually like her, but...

He pays for four phone lines on a family plan. His own, plus her phone as well as one for her younger son. (Mine is the fourth line. Aren't I a gold-digger? LOL Actually, part of a business deal...) He gave her not one but TWO computers. He hasn't been able to save a cent, because every time he gets paid, she makes sure they go shopping. He bought a new bed for their room--but part of the time he ends up sleeping on her son's bedroom floor. He even put her on his insurance, so she could get better medical care, and she has had double carpal tunnel surgery, with him picking up the tab on copays.

We talked about possibilities before he left, and if he does feel that it's what he needs to do, he can stay here with me for a few months until he can get a place on his own... I'm hoping he finds another reason besides her to stay in TX. He has a coffee shop idea that would work great down there--but the market in the greater Seattle area is pretty saturated. There is a shop on practically every corner... annoyingly so when I'm out and about and thirsty--I don't DRINK coffee--can't even stand the smell!

I even got rid of the coffee smell in my house too-- I got rid of Brian's coffee pot! LOL

There would need to be alternatives for the living room seating... the benches would hold him easily enough (the older one I already had before he left) but he wouldn't be all that comfortable without some back support... I'd have to come up with something... there is an idea in the back of my mind, I'll have to consider some options. Not a bad idea anyway--I do have company besides the neighbor's kids, occasionally! LOL

There's other stuff that has been going on, too.

My stepmom had a pacemaker installed recently... My dad's health is slowly going downhill (I suppose it's to be expected, he will be 85 in February)... My brother-in-law had spinal surgery... My brother is still fighting with his blood sugar levels too...And several of the neighbors have been battling that flu bug that's been going around. Good time to stay home, eh? *sigh*


Licorice is doing a bit better, the fur on his neck is almost all grown in--though his backside and legs are still pretty patchy. It makes him look a lot thinner, like he's anorexic or hasn't been well fed--but the vet said he's at a healthy weight...and at that time all three of them weighed about the same.

Amigo is getting fat. LOL He was neutered back in April, when he had that abscess...

I worry about him a lot lately. There's a pair of coyotes living right next door these days, and it's kind of scary, but he still freaks out about coming indoors--though he almost did last night...

...It was already dark out (it gets dark around 4:30pm or so...) I'd been feeding him and had picked up all the dishes and stuff and had the door open ready to go back in--and the neighbor's teenager, Kit, came running around the corner of the building and startled him. Amigo started to bolt, heading straight between my legs toward the open door, but since I didn't move, he stopped there just short of entering and turned and looked at the kid, and stood there and just watched from that point. Once Kit was around the next corner, Amigo just sat down--right in the doorway. I had to nudge him to move him over so I could get into the house! LOL

It pleases me to think that if anything really dire threatened (like that coyote...) he would probably not hesitate about coming in, and wouldn't worry about Licorice and Isis until after... I know there would most likely be a bit of a dust-up, but if that's less scary to him than what's outside... well.

emoticon Survival first, right?

It pleases me...

Isis is feeling her oats. LOL

It seems like when she's not asleep she is in full play mode lately. Last night, I was LMAO watching her and Licorice--they suddenly "discovered" the cubbyholes in the benches, and were playing a kitty version of battleship... who needs TV?? LOL

So life still has it's ups and downs, and there are all kinds of changes in the wind besides the weather! LOL

And, my "little sis" neighbor has invited me to have Thanksgiving next week with her family. Not sure about accepting, but if it gets to be too much (noisy crowd! LOL), home is just the parking lot away.

I was wondering what I'd do this year... with Brian's Mom gone, Dad will be with his kids...and I don't currently have the means to go see my own family. We'll have to see how it goes, I guess.

Hope all your holiday plans go well!

Be well...

Kathy emoticon emoticon
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    I agree, Morticia! They couldn't live the way they've forced us to!

    I think if our politicians were working for any private corporation in the U.S., they'd have ALL been fired by now! Laughable isn't it, that we keep voting them back in...

    But there are still good people in the world!
    Someone left a care package for Amigo on my door step this morning... and a bag of apples! They are honey crisps, judging from the flavor and texture--my favorite! I can't eat a lot of them, too much potassium, so I pulled the small ones out and gave the rest to my sick neighbors, along with a small package of hamburger and a box of pasta.
    ...I saw their refrigerator. The mom (I've adopted her too, she's my "lil sis") was chopping a raw potato for their lunch. Yep. One potato for five people...

    I don't have a lot, and it's hard to get the things I need, but I have what to them would seem like an abundance of things I'm not supposed to be eating. Why not share?

    Now that I think of it, I have this big bag of lentils... and a bit of rice... I've been wondering how I can cook them without having leftovers forever. And I have the makings for homemade pizza...



    1637 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/25/2013 3:53:00 PM
    i really wish they would leave the food stamp program alone. I'm sure this is a huge part of your blood sugar problem. I can't believe that this is the solution to our governmental problems.

    I feel sorry for Brian. It sounds like his fiancee is using him. At least he can depend on you.

    It was good to get an update on your family. i agree you need to stay home and avoid getting exposed. LOL.

    I loved hearing about the kitties. Maybe Amigo will end up inside too one of these days.
    1640 days ago
    Not to get on a soap box, but I would love to see our politicians live happily on what we average people do...no thanks to some of them (of course).
    As usual there is lots gong on at your house. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.
    Blessings and hugs,
    1640 days ago
    sorry you are struggling financially these politicians most should be dumped in the river only think about their own wallets, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, stay well hope you find a solution
    1641 days ago
    At least we have the 'answer'!

    And because we have the answer, we can have peace.

    Even in the middle of all that is happening in the world around us! our bodies, our x's our animals and the coyotes crying like babies moaning in the night!

    1641 days ago
    **SIGH********** That's just all I can say about your financial situation. It stinks, and meanwhile the politicians don't miss a beat. GRRRR! Off my soap box before I get pushed off!

    My Dad is 87 and Mom is going to be 85 . . . both have their health issues and it's sad. Mom has Alzheimer's so it's definitely the slow, painful good-bye! But meantime, take every opportunity to enjoy and cherish them.

    Good luck sweetie. Wish things were easier.
    1641 days ago
    There is a lot going on. I'm sorry about the financial and the other struggles, that must be very hard. emoticon
    1641 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    1641 days ago
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