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My Thankful Blog 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our challenge this week - to come up with a list each day of 5 items we are thankful for...
I am thankful for...
1. for my parents who adopted me and raised me.
2. my husband who loves me.
3. my dogs - Duncan and Cassidy who love me unconditionally.
4. my job - doing something I love, being able to help people and make a good living.
5. my car - it makes me smile everyday.
6. my education - how they taught me to think logically and be a good problem solver
7. my ladies Bible study group
8. the children in my choir even if they do exasperate me sometimes!
9. my cats - Brody, Rosaline and Cosmos who tolerate me and make me smile
10. my coworkers and my boss - it is nice to spend time with people you appreciate
11. my house that provides a roof and allows us to entertain guests
12. chocolate and popcorn - two of my most favourite foods
13. that I am not in pain any longer, that my surgery was a success
14. that I had wonderful grandparents, that I miss more at this time of year
15. for my faith in Jesus Christ who strengthens me
16. my new kitten - I love to hear her purr
17. my love of reading - it is an easy way to relieve stress and learn so much
18. being able to pay off my credit cards each month - love not having the stress of high interest rates
19. my warm bed (soft-sided water bed) that keeps me out of pain
20. my rocking chair
21. my church family and the good friendships we've made
22. the wonderful music I can listen to on the radio and at church (The Joy FM)
23. my extended family - 2 aunts, 2 uncles and my 4 cousins and their families
24. Terry and Jess - my "bio" family
25. my Canadian friends in Niagara, Hamilton, Toronto and London
26. my boss - he is always supporting me and pushing me to do what will help my career
27. Computers - to keep in touch, find answers, play games, do so much!
28. That my cupboards are full - we do not lack any of the basic needs
29. puzzles - jigsaw, logic, sudoku - love them all!
30. my neighbourhood - it is safe, we have kind neighbours and have lots of friends in the subdivision.
31. heat and a roof over my head (it is windy, cold and pouring rain outside!)
32. I love to bake and I am thankful I got time to do it tonight for my coworkers
33. My craft supplies - I love to make cards and scrapbooks, especially as gifts
34. CHOCOLATE - it keeps me sane sometimes :-)
35. MY SPARKPEOPLE TEAM and all the friends I've made here! The BLC family and the Fabulous Feisty Foxes are AWESOME! So grateful for the friendships and support.
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