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Day started well....middle flopped.....ended well.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

That pretty much explains my day.
I started well with attending boot camp, but because my blood pressure was slightly up due to a threatening cold, I wasn't able to maximize my time there. Had to work at a pace that didn't really pick up my heart rate because of the said blood pressure. Still the strength training was tough and I enjoyed my time all the same. Once home, and bathed, I retook my bp and it dropped dramatically....so goodness knows what really happened?

Once cleaned up, a received a call from my son to ask me to drive with him to his girlfriends work since she had left her lunch at home and he felt sorry for the little woman. As we were leaving, my sister called miserable because she was stuck at home alone. That's when the fun started. She offered us a deal we could not resist....fetch her and take her to the coffee shop then shopping and she would buy us coffee...YAY.
So after dropping the gfriends lunch that's what we did. We had SUCH a lovely time, loads of laughter and catching up.

My son left after a few hours, not interested in tailing us woman around while doing shopping. He decided to pop in and visit his brother at his place of employment. That left us woman to our devices. My sisters youngest son is due home shortly AND he is bringing his soon to be fiance with to meet the family. I've loaned my spare beds to my sister since the kids will be staying in their newly acquired home. The day after we moved the beds and bedding over, my nephew called to ask if he and a buddy can come up and stay with me to meet his cousins future bride. OH MY WORD. Well, they are younger...by quite a few years, so they got told to bring sleeping bags since I have floor space only. They are happy with the idea and even thinking of bringing a small tent and sleeping outdoors. They may manage that and maybe not with all the flooding type rain we've been having lately. But still, that's 2 weeks away, maybe the weather changes by then.

Being trapped away from home without my purse, I was struggling to find healthy foods to eat. My sister settled for a sandwich, but I dont like white bread at the best of times, and everything else was expensive. I settled for several fruits. By the time we got back to her place I managed to eat something reasonably healthy....still she chucked a dollop of cheese sauce over my food....sigh.

I sat at her house desperate to get home, but no lift. No, that's not quite right. My mother arrived to pick me up since she wasn't far away visiting her friend. But then my mother got sitting pants. Oh my word, they cracked open a bottle of wine and the "party" started. I'm not much of a drinker, so I was loaded up with lemon water but still desperate to get home.
My dogs needed feeding, hubby was due home, I had not done ANY housework, I had not been home all day.
I finally got home as late as 6.45pm because a friend was on her way to her Christian meeting and was going to pass my house.....I was SO grateful.

When I finally managed to establish some order to my home, fed my pets, fed my husband and myself, I tracked my food and LO AND BEHOLD my choices served me well and I was within my calorie range. What a happy feeling.

I measured myself again tonight which is a month from my last measurement and found I had lost 5cm more on my top measurement, while the bottom measurement stayed the same. That surprised me because I can fit comfortably into jeans I squeezed into last month??? Not to worry, I wont let that get me down, its just one number....all the other numbers are looking really good.

So it's midweek and I'm going like a Boeing. Nothings going to stop me now. I am all out for victory and all out for a lower number by the end of this month.

Drinking shake rocks. It just takes the headache out of 2 meals, while completely fitting all my nutritional needs. I have enough energy for two people.

Here's hoping you are all having a good week thus far too.

I have created a fb page for myself in regards to my healthy journey. This is the link for any who wish to go and like it for me. Thanks in advance to those who do.
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