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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

That it's all about me.

Hi, everyone. I'm Squirrel, and I haven't washed my hair since June.

(Hi Squirrel)

I've talked about this before (going shampooless/poo free/etc), but I thought I'd give an update on how I trouble-shoot a shampooless life.

1. I have a bit of a dandruff issue. I'm currently midway through treating it. Thus far, the treatment seems to be working, when products re applied in the correct order. Namely, apply tea tree oil directly to the scalp (not the forehead). Let rest. Feel free to scritch (as in rub lightly with fingers and nails, but not breaking skin). Apply baking soda to the scalp, scritch a bit, and then brush hair. Then "wash" as normal with baking soda water and rinse with vinegar solution.

2. I had a buildup issue (sebum: the stuff that keeps fur water proof). Every two weeks I do a vinegar soak where I use 1C vinegar (white) and 3C water (warm), and soak my scalp and hair in a bowl (wish I had something more conducive to being comfy... this process is hard on the neck) for 5 mins. Rinse in shower. Don't bother with baking soda that round.

3. I had a dry hair issue (using too much baking soda, not enough vinegar). Switched from Apple Cider Vinegar to White, increased the proportion of vinegar to water in my teenie little spray bottle, and never looked back.

A couple of times I thought, "Why bother?" This seems like an awful lot of work. Then I sit back and think for a bit. I'm not having rashes breakout along my scalp from using the wrong shampoo or conditioner. For the price of a bottle of shampoo, I've purchased supplies for more than half a year. I still shower daily, I just don't always wash my hair (but I also make sure that if it does get wet, it's properly rinsed). I don't smell funny. And I have significantly reduced my exposure to topical chemicals. My hair looks pretty darned good, and the only way people know is when I tell them. Ok, fine. I'll keep going.

My hair probably needs to be henna'd soon. I think that's one of the things I like about henna, though: it's not urgent! It gives me a tinge of red, bringing out what was already there, so roots are generally unnoticeable. Downside? Sitting around for 3 hours with plastic wrap on my head :P But it's a great excuse for a video game day :) Last time I died my hair it was September.

Next up? My eyes. Friday I have an appointment with my Optomotrist. I've been having an interesting time of it. Recently (as in starting in October, but possibly before, just not often), I started having episodes where my eyes rebelled. It was like I was looking through someone else's glasses, but I couldn't seem to focus.

Monday it was so bad and so long-lasting I called Ontario Telehealth (RNs who give you an idea of if you should go to the ER, clinic, or sit it out). They tend to err on the side of caution, and because I'm prone to migraines and chronic headaches, she sent me in to the ER. After all, eye problems + headaches could = brain damage. Oops. 6 hours later, I came out with an Opthomlogy referral and dirty looks from the nurse (apparently calling blurry 20/20 vision a problem was mildly insulting to the guy who's legally blind in one eye... double-oops!).

Yesterday I visited the Opthomologist. He was far less helpful than the ER doc, and far more dismissive (probably because they checked my acuity before I ever met him, so he "knew" there wasn't much of a problem). His final diagnosis was that I should go back to my Optometrist and get re-evaluated for my far-sightedness. Evidentially, being far-sighted but working in a close environment is exhausting my eyes, making seeing further away a hard work. *sigh* It's a theory.

So yes: there's my PAY ATTENTION TO ME, OH! ME! YES! I'M THE ONE! add 6 year old blog. Hope you all enjoyed it/found it informative/didn't get too bored.

Have a good one!
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    I'm glad that going shampoo-less has helped.

    Also, I get the headache thing. But sometimes blurry vision comes with headaches. I know I get it every once in a while, as well as the lovely alice in wonderland thingy. That's always fun....

    Well I hope you figure it out and feel better!
    1976 days ago
    lol no, go on and on about yourself, that is what this is here for!!!!!!!!!

    I was reading an article on pooless last week and it was saying how everyone has a different scalp so you have to keep tweaking until you find your special mix. I hope you find yours soon!

    And your eye thing sounds crazy! Eyesight issues are extra scary because, well, its your sight man you don't mess with that! It is so frustrating too when you see an "expert" who doesnt really help. Now you have to spend more time still trying to get an answer. I hope you get one and can feel better soon!
    1976 days ago
  • NKING1982
    I have the same issues with my hair. I wash it once or twice a month. I have tried everything and the only thing that helps is not washing it. Sometimes i will rinse it with water or use conditioner only. But i have to constantly put oil in it because it is so dry. I haven't died my hair in over 10 years. I have even tried taking vitamins, but it still looks and feels like straw
    1976 days ago
    Hi Squirrel!

    Interesting blog, I learned something today, yay! Thanks for sharing.

    1976 days ago
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