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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

At one point or the other we try to enforce "no more excuses" policy on ourselves.
Probably you said that many oh so many times. Any luck?
But let's take a closer look at what "excuses" really are.
Excuses is a natural way of keeping you within your habits, think about it again.
You sit on a couch all day, that's a habit. How about going out for a walk - here come excuses.
Lets call them bad excuses, your if your habits are bad - your excuses are bad.
There are good excuses too, be patient and keep reading:)
So, one way deal with excuses is to ignore them, that's what most people, who have some sort of success, do. It's point where you think of them as an evil voice. So you hate and ignore!
Better, but much more complicated way, is to resolve them, "oh, it's too cold outside" - get a hat.
You shouldn't just ignore them, cause some excuses actually make sense:)
So, you don't hate, you resolve some of them and ignore the rest...whiny once:)
Both approaches work at first,'s the kicker!!!

Your habits actually change, it can take 1-2 months, maybe more, but your habits eventually change. Let me assure you that it doesn't take yours to acquire habit.
This change from just doing something into habit of doing something, that's just spectacular.
Many doubt if something become a habit, like healthy eating or working out, or just staying active. One of the best ways to figure it out - look at your excuses, they always follow your habits, if you find excuses to workout - !bam!, that's your habit...easy right?
When you habits are good, they produce good excuses, these you should embrace!

That's why first approach of ignoring excuses backfires, when your habits become good, but you still ignore your good excuses.
Good excuses is like a reward that you get from having good habits, be thankful for them, cause that's what will pull you through a rough spot of your journey.
We all have problems, they can pile up, but good excuses are on our side and they will keep us on good habits - follow them and you'll be rewarded!

Ok, most people aren't reading this so...:) where comes boring shoe lace story:)
I came to this realization many times already, but it was wage or indirect or something.
But couple of days ago it was already cold out side, a bit drizzly ... I could just skip walk, no harm done. Also had some urgent work, etc.
That's when it hit me, I'm trying to find excuses to go for a walk, for instance "days are getting colder, I would walk while it's ok", "I need shoes laces", wow...that was a lame one:)
So, I went for a hunt for shoe laces...:)
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