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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

By the time I wrote my blog yesterday, I was pretty fed up. I was motivated. I went right to the store and blew my entire food budget for this pay period on groceries. For the first time in I don't know how long, the pantry and fridge are stuffed in a good way - broccoli, asparagus, jalapenos, bananas, apples, Greek yogurt, whole grain pasta and brown rice, chicken breasts, dates, herbal teas, almond butter. I feel healthy just opening up the fridge and looking at it all, haha. I feel a bit like my old, successful self again, like how I was a year and a half ago.

Yesterday's calories were pretty great, too: 1015 calories. Considering how disastrous the previous days were, I'm not worried about being under 1200 that day. I also drank pretty close to 64 oz of water, considering all the herbal tea and coffee I sipped on throughout the day. So there's that!

More good news: Last night I took the liberty of pre-planning my food for the whole day. Haha can't remember the last time I did that! I'm going to cook a few things before going into work, and here's what the day is looking like (FYI lunch is my breakfast, considering I work nights):

LUNCH: Protein shake, 210 calories

SNACK: Greek Yogurt or Dates, 90-120 calories

DINNER: Cheesy Tuna Helper w/ added broccoli, 325 calories; Steamed asparagus cuts, 60 calories; popped chips, 100 calories.

POST-WORK MEAL: Broccoli cheese rice, frozen, 250 Calories; Almond butter on whole grain waffle, 160 calories.

DAY TOTAL: 1195 - 1225 calories.

Pretty solid, I think. Even though it's mostly broccoli and asparagus, I've got the vegetables covered. Between the almond butter, yogurt/dates, and protein shake, I'm covered in the protein and fiber departments. Intersperse water and tea throughout the day, and I think I'm pretty set. Haha although I have to admit I'm starting to get a bit sick of my current protein shake. Maybe my mistake was sticking to one flavor, or it's just the that mixing it yourself never tastes as good as pre-mixed, but I'm probably going to have to invest in another flavor really soon.

I've got some other things on the menu for the next two weeks, including cheesy dijon pasta with carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower; broccoli apple salad with walnuts and craisins; jalapenos stuff with fat-free cream cheese and wrapped in turkey bacon; chili macaroni with veggie medley; and a chicken broccoli casserole I pulled of of Sparkrecipes that I have high hopes for. Haha it all sounds delicious to me, but the hard part is going to be finding the time to cook all of this stuff during this work week.

I've also designed all of my snacks to be packed with protein to make sure I'm getting a balanced diet with my entrees being so veggie focused: There's going to be a lot of Greek Yogurt, almond butter, protein shakes, boiled eggs, and turkey bacon in that category, haha. I think as long as I pack my food with enough fiber and protein, it will help with hunger and decrease the urge to overeat. Hopefully.

Right now my goals are very short-term over the next week and a half (until next payday), and are as follows:

1.) Track calories everyday, regardless of being in range or not.
2.) Only eat 1200-1500 calories every day.
3.) Limit meals eaten out to 3 or less (and eat healthily while out).
4.) Try not to go crazy.

At this point I'm still pondering what I should do for a long-term structure. On the first go-around, when I was super gung-ho, I didn't do a cheat day or cheat meal or anything. But perhaps this time, maybe it would be beneficial to allow myself that leeway was a reward or a means to satisfy the mental/emotional gorge cravings before they get the better of me. Have any of you implemented a "cheat" of some sort in your regimen, and if so was it successful?

Right now I would genuinely love to implement fitness into the plan as well, but with my current state of weakened determination and with how crazy things are at work, I doubt that would be a wise decision. Realistically after the holidays when everything is settled would be a more ideal time, assuming I can master getting back on the food wagon between now and then.

Baby steps, one at a time. Progress is progress and all that jazz.

Well. The start of my work week is going to come whether I want it to or not. It's about time I start preparing for it, and hopefully it's not going to be as bad as I fear.

I hope everyone is having a great hump day and a wonderful week so far!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm glad you are making plans! Your short term goals sound totally reasonable, do-able, and awesome. If it were me, I wouldn't worry about setting up long term goals so much. Your short term ones are great. I need to get on the bike yet today, so this will be short, yo!

    Add your exercise when you feel you are ready for it. With all the stress you're going through at work, it might not be a bad idea to give it a shot a few days a week, though. If you come home from work and are frustrated, angry, stressed, and tired, try spinning for 20 min! While adding yet another thing to your schedule while you are so stressed may seem counter-productive, maybe you need a little bit of exercise to blow off steam?

    I hate working out with a passion, and I feel like I'm dying every time I do it, but I do feel better after a shower. I know you'll work it in when you are ready for it.

    I'm still trying to understand why you are so afraid of the scale all the time. Own it! Whatever is going on with you, own it! We are all different, which is why I guess I'm having a hard time understanding why you dread weighing yourself so much. I weigh daily just so I can see what's going on. Sometimes, it's not as bad as I thought! So.. you aren't a daily weigher. Maybe weekly? Or monthly? When you started all this, I imagine you had a starting weight, right? Get your starting weight :P Sorry for the tough love on this one. I think you have some awesome plans in place for success, and you'll do well if you stick to them! Shying away from the scale just because you don't like the number is depriving yourself of another tool, though.

    All your groceries sound tasty. I need to go to the store today and pick things up for thanksgiving, etc. My goal today is to make it through the store without buying butloads of chocolate.
    1648 days ago
  • JAROL7
    Okay ... just be careful. You are documenting all you eat and that is crucial when you are restricting your calories. I limit myself to 1200-1300 calories. Some say that is not enough but I'm on Day#104 of my journey and my weight is coming off. On the other hand, my wife has been eating 1000 calories a day and her weight is coming off much more slowly. So she is experimenting with adding up to a total of 1200 for a week to see what will happen. We will know tomorrow how her experiment is going. The same may be true for you. If 1000 doesn't work, experiment on going up to 1200 for a week and compare. Our bodies are an amazing creation. Take care of yours. In 2010, I was averaging 900 calories and I passed out at church ... while I was preaching. That caused quite a stir.
    1648 days ago
    Glad you've gone ahead and stocked your fridge with the healthy stuff.

    If you are tired of your protein shake have you thought of using sugar-free Torani syrups? They have loads of flavors available and are not too pricey. There are even fun holiday flavors available. You can also use sugar-free pudding mixes to add a different flavor (put in 1tbsp of the pudding mix and it will give a flavor kick you won't believe!). Hope that these ideas help you with the shake boredom!

    I personally don't have a "cheat" day. I allow myself to eat whatever I want, but only in moderation. Like I have dessert twice a week - a slice of cheesecake or pie. I think about what I am craving and let myself have a cup of mac and cheese when I feel like it for example. I just adjust what I am eating the rest of the day to accomodate it.

    Just concentrate on your food and water for now. Track it all regardless of what the calorie total is. You'll probably notice that you crave certain things on certain days (for me I want pasta on Wednesdays, dunno why).

    Keep up the good work!
    1648 days ago
    Loving this SO much!!
    You've inspired me to start pre-planning my own meals! Looks like i'll be heading to the store to get some healthy foods too.. I love broccoli sooo much, I can eat it with anything haha!
    Keep going, you seem like you're doing great so far.. Stick with your plan and you will succeed!
    HUGS to you and best wishes.
    1648 days ago
  • 144AUTUMN
    You can do it!!!
    1648 days ago
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