No pizza = 2 pounds down!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week two of no pizza or takeout allowed and week two of dropping two pounds!

We were busy and tired and it was easy to order in. Each night, we'd look at each other and each night, neither one of us wanted to cook dinner. And so we'd say--what about pizza?

Cheapest and quickest takeout meal AND it was a bread and cheese delivery system. Then, a couple of weeks ago, when we went to put our recyclables out, we realized that we had eaten pizza for dinner 10 nights out of the previous 13, based on the number of pizza boxes in the blue bin. Had an "aha" moment. Maybe that's why the scale isn't moving?

So, no more pizza or any kind of takeout and the scale is moving down again. I cooked up a week's worth of cabbage rolls on Sunday and then made a huge salad that we we can eat most of the week. There are some frozen low-cal, low sodium meals for emergency non-cooking nights.

One change, one simple (but not always easy decision) "No more pizza or takeout" has set us both up for healthier dinners and a healthier waist line.
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