T-25 Round 2 Alpha Cycle

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First I have to start saying that I totally love this program... just 25 short minutes and you work your whole body.

I forgot to blog my first round but the results I got and my husband got were amazing, he lost 35lbs from Alpha to end of Gamma and I lost 16 lbs

so now we are ready for round 2 and finally arrive to our goal of losing 50 lbs for him and 50 lbs for me ( I know, I know he is closer but this time I'll be more committed to my meal plans and reduce my cheating so fingers crossed emoticon )


Started at:

Weight: 166.2lbs
Chest: 32.5
Waist: 26
Hips: 36

Yesterday we started with Alpha you think that after finishing the program and starting all over it would be easier? think again.... I was sweating like crazy and had to stop and modify towards the end a couple of times....ohhh those squats not easy...but I did it I finished and pushed harder than the first time I did it... let's see how Speed treats me tonight

Speed 1.0 not exactly a calorie burning machine with this one, but it was ok, a lot of stretch in between cardio and stability work, definitely I will have to push harder the next time

The most terrifying one...Total body circuit was in store for me today....still I can't manage to nailed it but I know by the end of this cycle I will be able to do it without breaks..

Ab intervals done...still trying to master the V-ups that exercise makes my lower back to be careful with it


Week 1 was finished with not change, which in some way is good news, eating on my side wasn't the best so I didn't lose any weight, with that being said here we go week 2 (I consider this one a dangerous one because of Thanksgiving day but we already plan for it and we think we have everything under control.... fingers crossed tough )

11/25/13 - Alpha Cardio
I NAILED IT!!! emoticon emoticon i did it with no modifier and no breaks, I am extremely happy even tough my polar failed on me and stop working emoticon but I think I burned more calories than usual

11/26/13 - Alpha Total Body Circuit

This one still a monster, had to take some breaks and towards the end I was feeling like really out of breath...had to push myself to finish it off, still optimistic that I'll nail it one day...not to far in the future

11/27/13 Speed 1.0
Another workout nailed!!! emoticon I was able to keep up with the T-25 breaks (except for 2 seconds while taking sips of water), I'm feeling stronger each time .. preparing myself for thanksgiving tomorrow, thinking maybe I will do a couple of extra workouts to burned calories before the gathering and feast

Week 2 Finished good, I mean I didn't lose any weight but I didn't gain any weight during this big Holiday ... Thanksgiving is usually my downfall because of the food and because I realized the Holidays are here and I get really nostalgic and I start to miss my Family in Colombia

Is really hard to be by yourself in the sense of I don't have my mom and dad here nor any of my siblings and nephews and nieces and my childhood friends also are there, so despite that I have my husband and kids with me I feel kind of like if a piece of the puzzle is missing.... that's when I usually turn to food to comfort my I'm trying really hard to control that...


12/2/13 : Total Body Circuit
Still a hard one but I kind of getting the rhythm of it, it wasn't bad at all today, plus I did the holiday challenge from Shaun T and a couple of other challenges from another place...feeling much better than I did during the Holiday break

12/3/13 : Speed 1.0
I NAILED SPEED 1.0!!!!!!!!! and I feel amazing about it!!!
On a side note one of the bosses at my work today came to my desk and said "OK Paula, I'm reporting for duty" and I was like huhhh??? and he said that someone told him that if he wanted to lose weight I was the person to go...I felt pretty good about it...kind of like a little bit of pride about myself and I said OK...this is what you have to do and gave him a few points and a little challenge to start him up with fitness

12/4/13 : Lower Focus
Lower Focus done last night, it was a really killer workout my legs are going to look great after all this squats LOL... also I finished the Holidayedge challenge that Shaun T organized and the plank challenge and cardio challenge from facebook

12/5/13: Alpha Cardio
Did alpha cardio last night, for some reason it was really hard to focus this time... hopefully I can focus and give my 100% to TBC and Ab intervals tonight

I guess I feel so out of focus because I'm still homesick...the holidays can make a number in my mind.

12/6/13: Total Body Circuit + Ab Intervals
this killer, I was sweaty and out of breath by the end of Total body cardio...then to face the fury of the V sit ups and more squats and that pyramid at the end Ohhh Lord, but it was totally worth it, I felt like I was coming back to my regular self and I regain the control and focus of my workouts

In general this past week with his ups and downs was pretty good, food wise I wasn't cheating as much as I use to so the scale rewarded me with a nice 3 lbs of weight loss emoticon emoticon
Now onto starting Week 4 with full strength


12/9/13: Cardio
Totally nailed it!!! and it felt so great

Last week wasn't a very good week for me, I caught a bad cold so doing the workouts wasn't an option...still I managed to lose 1 lb

Week 5

12/16/13: Total Body Circuit
I still have a cold plus my throat is so sore but managed to do this one, I did the best I could and I even think that when I finished I felt a bit better... I also started to do the 5 day meal plan and see how much can I lose this week, I want to be able to reach my goal for this month of 10 lbs

Sorry I didn't post more often last week, with the whole holiday hustle it's been crazy...

Goals have change for this time around and instead of losing I think I'll focus more in maintaining my weight so here we go

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    Wow! What terrific progress for you and your husband. Your results are inspirational!
    2001 days ago
  • PSAGI77
    VEGIBIKER, T-25 is a new program from beachbody, the correct name would be Focus T-25, his creator is Shaun T from's an awesome program short and "sweet" to the point, you have no breaks, and it has a modifier, also month 2 (Beta cycle) includes some weights, and month 3 (gamma cycle) every move incorporates weights
    2007 days ago
  • JUNA89
    emoticon WAY.....TO.......GO!!!!!! emoticon Work Guys! emoticon
    2007 days ago
    I've never heard of this program - but I'm going to have to look it up - the results are fantastic! Way to go and keep it up!!
    2007 days ago
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