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Letter sent to the Dawggies, BIG DAWGS DO NOT LIKE to FLY !

Monday, November 18, 2013

I wrote this to the Spirited Under Dawgs yesterday. Winnie who is a Dawggie owned by 1bearwife (Sandy) asked me to put this into a blog,,,so that ALL who are teams,,,, can ENJOY and MOST LIKELY Relate to it !!!

We "Fly" from country to country on the 5% challenge team,,, where 12 teams COMPETE FIERCLY in order to see who can earn the most miles, by exercising to "Land the emoticon . The first plane to land, gets an EXTRA 100 points,, 2nd plane gets 75 points and the 3rd plane gets 75 POINTS towards there FINAL Total at the end of the week !!! ALL TEAMS LOVE these POINTS !!!

We are hoping to LAND soon, and RESCUE ME !!

Here's the letter:

BIG DAWGGIES DO NOT LIKE TO FLY !!! Do you KNOW why? Now those LITTLE Dawggies, PUREBREDS and MUTTS do NOT MIND,,, but, us BIG ONES??? I went flying with my owner,,, and what DID THEY DO TO ME????

PUT me in a KENNEL (A new strange one,,,it just DID NOT SMELL RIGHT ! I had to "WORK" at that !) and than SHOVED me on some BELT that went UP AND AROUND the airport !! I was soooo SCARED !! "Where are Mary And Johnny)" ? Mu owners,,,,,, I thought !! I had WONDERED Why one of the kids, Randy, he's 9 and my FAVORITE for he doesn't like to bath,, and NEITHER DO I !!! We BOTH AGREE that the SMELLIER THE BETTER after ROMING ABOUT all day !! Though Mary, thinks I need to smell like some strange scent called "Lavendar"????? I was crying softly on that belt,,,, and than someone GRABBED ME HARD (well my kennel) and SHOVED IT onto the cargo part of the plane !! I GROWLED LOUDLY !!!! "WHAT WAS THAT"???? I WONDERED !! Than I saw when my eyes quidkly adjusted to the dark,,, there was ANOTHER BIG Dawg,,, a GREAT Dane,, OH I am SO HAPPY to see him, but he's ALSO SHAKING HARD as AM I !!!! We both agreed this was "NO VACATION" As they had PROMISED US !!! I had seen Randy crying as we were separated and begging "PLZ MOMMY/Daddy,,, I'll PAY the extra for her to ride up on the plane with us " !! but, I guess it must of costed more thanm the 5.00 he had gotten from his Gramma for getting an A (LOL His FIRST ONE !) on his report card.

As that plane RUMBLED down the jet way,,,, I thought for SURE my HEART WOULD COME OUT OF MY FURRY CHEST !1! SUCH NOISE !11 That's when Max (The great Dane) did something in his cage,,,, we are NOT supposed to do,,,and I had to hold my nose ! OH MY GOODNESS 11 Big Dawgs make BIG SMELLS 1!!1 I trembled some more,, but, my owners had given me some pill ???? I didn't have a headache, or a Dawggie flu,,, what WAS that for? OH SLEEPY I AM !! NON the LESS I DO NOT LIKE FLYING !!

So we NEED to GET ME AND MAX DOWN outta this PLANE !!

PLEASE HELP US !! Right now we are at 2307 miles in the air,,,, and to land in Kingson, (THIS HAD BETTER BE WORTH my FEAR !! They said I can GO SWIMMING ! ) we need 4255 total miles,,,if my Dawggie can think,, that means we need 1948 MILES left TO LAND !!

SO PLZ LET ME OUT !!!! Lets TURN In those Exercise miles NOW !!! For the other teams will start to land early on Mon,, and there's NO REASON why we can't be in the TOP 3 !!!! PLZ HELP GET ME OUTTA HERE !!

Ur LOVING Leader,,, who's currently NOT LIKING THIS "FUN" they PROMISED ME!!!! Next time PLZ leave me at the Dawggie Kennel with the OTHER UNDER DAWGGIES !A!!

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