Dangerously close to goal.

Monday, November 18, 2013

My birthday is Friday. I am turning 58. I still work full time as a nurse in a prison. My sister visited last month. I was 3 lb from goal when she arrived. Not so a week later. I promised myself I would try hard to lose it down to goal by birthday.

I know how now, thanks to all the interesting teams I joined here at SP. I asked questions, did Internet searches, read and read more in books.
I took a break from SP for a while, just learning more and assisting DH on his paleo journey.
I got off medications for 30 years of migraines and 40 years of a seizure disorder. Rosacea also cleared up.
DH went off medication for hypertension, gout, and gerd. He lost 40 lb easily.

Well I got more serious about eating the satisfying fats from coconut oil, ghee, grass fed butter, EVOO, MCT oil, grass fed beef, pork and avocados.
I concentrate on these things, a moderate amount of meat and very low carbs.
Today I am 1.2 pounds from goal and will be there by Friday.
The government knows grains and sugar sources are harmful to us, but everything is about money, not your health. There is no scientific study proving that humans need any carbohydrates.
I care about all of us and our health.
Love and my best to you.
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