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Do I really want to get back to 160?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Before I start this blog, can anyone tell me any shortcuts to get to "Add A Blog Entry". They moved it off the main page and now it takes like 4-6 clicks before I even get to start writing! emoticon

Moving on...

I have been giving the number on the scale alot of thought while reading Food: The Good Girl's Drug by Sunny Sea Gold. I really love this book as it gave me some food for thought while being able to relate to it. Anyhow, back to what I was saying, the number on the scale. My 100 pound mark is 160 and honestly, I don't know if I want to go back there. Yes, I looked good and maintained for three years. But, it was a struggle to keep it at 160. I was always losing and gaining the same five pounds. Honestly, I don't know if I want to go back to that place. I don't want to panic over a couple pounds. It's not realistic nor healthy.

When I was 160, I was kinda OCD on my calorie intake and calorie burned. There should be more to life than what I eat. My life should not be revolving around food. That is some Binge Eating Disorder characteristics right there. That should be scary right there but it's not. I have know for a few years now.

I know 185-ish is not where I want to be either. More than wanting to be smaller, I want to be healthy. I want exercise and eating healthy to be regular components of my life. I want to run half marathons. Well, I think. Still weighing in on that.

Anyhow, I am considering how I want to define healthy. That is really what all this comes down to and living up to THAT expectation. Not some society unrealistic expectation of needing to be a certain size. Off the top of my head, it includes more than just being physically fit. It includes emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally... all of it. I definitely am holistic in my definition.

Being healthy means working out everyday, feeding my body good fruits and veggies, stress management by exercising and relaxing, accepting and loving my body even with any faults and meditating more.

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    Before the substantive comment, the quickest way to blog post I've found is from the Spark Points page. There's a link, "make a blog post" next to the listing for post a blog. It takes me directly to my blogs, then one more click to post a new blog.

    That's not what I usually do. I typically keep one tab of my browser on my spark page or blogs, because I go back and look for comments there. I use another tab to move around the SP site for other purposes, because there aren't terribly good navigation tools to get back to my spark page or blog from any given page. And when I write a blog, half the time I compose it in a word processor then copy and paste it into the post blog form. Still as many clicks to get there, but I don't have to do them till after I've done the writing.

    On a more serious note, there is no easy answer to the question of what weight you should maintain. Maintenance is a different sort of challenge from weight loss. It might look like losing the same 5 pounds over and over again, but it should feel like making your weight trend sideways. There should be some range of weight that lets you have a sideways trend while being medically recognized as normal weight, feeling fit, and not feeling like you're obsessing over weight all the time. How that last part is achieved varies from one person to the next.

    My answer is that I'm maintaining in the 160-165 range and I adjust my calories when the weight moves toward the high or low part of the range. That might feel too much like obsession with food to you, but it works for me. I have noticed that my caloric need vary over time. Sometimes it's obvious why, from injury preventing running making the need go down or from ramping up the running pushing the need back up. Other times, it changes and I can't see why it changed; but that's life. One size does not fit all.

    1650 days ago
    "Off the top of my head, it includes more than just being physically fit. It includes emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally... all of it. I definitely am holistic in my definition"

    Well said!!
    1650 days ago
    I hope you find where you need to be. It is a process
    1650 days ago
    Wisdom in those words my dear.

    I've been thinking of this very subject of what do I REALLY want.

    Good thoughts!!!

    Thank you and keep it up.
    1651 days ago
    I have to disagree with MamaDwarf. Going through the new Start page still requires a lot of interaction:

    0) Move cursor to Start
    1) Click Start
    2) Scroll while visually watching for "Make a Blog Entry"
    3) Move cursor to "Make a Blog Entry"
    4) Click "Make a Blog Entry"
    5) Move cursor to "Add a Blog Entry"
    6) Click "Add a Blog Entry"

    Yes, it's awkward. Personally, I created a bookmark which gets me directly to (5). Couldn't figure out how to bypass that last step, sigh.
    1651 days ago
    Do what makes u feel best! I feel better & healthier if I am moving and fit. Whether I make a ten minute stroll, take my puppy on a walk or get on the treadmill for an entire hour on a gym day, I know I am doing something for myself. I have the health of a sixty year old with my type one diabetes body to a fitter 34 year old I actually am... Keep pushing! emoticon
    1651 days ago
    On the new START page, it is the 3 rd section called community. One click and you're there!!
    1651 days ago
    Sweetie, here's a little something I've learned along the way. My initial goal was 120 lbs. I reached that in July 2010. Then I kept up measuring/weighing/watching my nutrition and exercise. NOT obsessing, just being mindful. I dropped another 20 lbs. And it DOES go up and down +/- 2 lbs. but never more. That's my body's set point, I guess you'd call it. So the key is finding your set point. Where does your body tell you that you're healthy? How do you feel @ that weight?

    I think for me it is just way to difficult to think of it as a "forever" thing, but if I tackle the healthy habits a day-at-a-time, it is do-able. Perfection? Not going to happen. Maintaining and progress? Definitely WILL happen.

    1651 days ago
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