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Sunday, November 17, 2013

except for the customer!

Let's talk about the customer for this post.

1) If you can't afford to tip between 18-20% for service than don't eat out or go to a fast food place where you can throw that dime in the jar!

2) There is no excuse for not tipping--is the service bad? Why are you putting up with it? Go to the host/hostess/manager/owner and ask for another server if you are not getting the service you feel you should be getting. Don't sit there, shake your head, moan and groan, then either leave a small tip or no tip.

3) Please remember it is not the server's fault if the food is bad. Yes some times hot food can be served cold and in some cases it can be the server's fault as they were busy and left the food standing too long. Call them over, politely explain the problem and ask them to have it heated up.

4) I would never send food back WITHOUT ordering something else instead--just take my word for it!

5) In some, well most, cases the server will have to call over the manager as they are limited in what they can do regarding the return of food so be prepared for that.

6) When a server comes to the table and wants to know how everything is that is the time to complain if you have any complaints, not after you have eaten everything and mumble it wasn't that good. Again, remember taht the server doesn't cook the food so don't 'punish' him/her if something doesn't taste good.

7) Along those lines if a server does some table side 'cooking'--making guacamole at the table or tossing a Ceaser salad, debones a fish, etc., I know, if it is good, I will leave a little somethign extra.

8) By the way one way to get good service is to start off by acknowledging the server's "Good evening", "Hi", "How are you folks tonight?", etc.Be rude and see the service you get!

9) In the 21st Century it is important to tell you GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONE in a restaurant, especially when the server is waiting to take your order for anything. Again be rude and don't expect the attentive service you would like as you don't deserve it!

10) One thing I have done many times and have gotten super service--I let the server order for me!! At first they are startled but remember they know what is good and what isn't and which cook in the kitchen makes the same dish better than another cook. No, not if they are smart, will a server 'push' the special of the day if it isn't good or just, automatically, give you the highest priced items. They are out to make money by getting bigger tips and they get that by making you happy!

11) Along these lines if your darling brat throws/spills something on the floor and a bus person has to clean it up tip them a couple of bucks. When a waiter cuts your kid's steak or pays extra attention to him/her tip them extra

12) By the way if a server gives you something 'extra' that they should charge you for but don't please, as happened to me, don't tell the boss how sweet your server was by giving you that a la mode ice cream with your cake and not charging you for it! Yes it has happened to me! LOL

13) One of the best ways to get GREAT service if you go to a restaurant a few times be sure to ask for the same server the next time you go in. As most of you know Allen and I have been eating lunch at the Cafe Vico every Thursday for the past 3 months abd when we walk in, before we even get to our table sometimes, the busboy gets the hot rolls and garlic dip along with the coffee and iced tea we drink. I do not hesitate to throw the busboy and extra $5 every now and then.

14) Also if you are a regular at a restaurant take care of them at Christmas time- yes the wiater and busboy but if the host/hostess calls you by name or acknowledges you when you come in or the bartendar has your drink ready as you sit down a little holiday envelope would be appropriate and appreciated.

15) This should be common sense but too many times you will hear "...but I tipped on the check amount." If you have a coupon, are the restaurant is offering 2-4-1 deals or you have become familiar with groupon tip on what the TOTAL check would have been before the deduction.

16) Though it is proper it raelly makes you look cheap figuring out what 20% would be before tax!! Come on, in Florida tax is 6% which means on a $100 check it is $6 which means we are talking about an extra 90 cents--if you can afford $100 for a dinner you can afford to be a sport for 90 cents. By the way 20% is not that hard to figure out--you don't need to bring out your calculator!!

17) Talking about checks--something all customers should do is check the check to be sure you are not overcharged (or undercharged) or the server forgot to put an item on the menu. Even with computers many check mistakes happen. Also, and this bugs me, some places will put an automatic tip on the check and the server should tell you if this is the case. You can always leave more!

18) This is a touchy subject but certain people are known to be bad tippers and in most cases it is true. The earlybird customer is getting a bargain on their dinners but they still tip 10% or don't bother to figure out what it would have cost at regular prices. At a discount or regular price the server is bringing you your food, tip accordingly.

19)I won't get into the lawyer, doctor, pipe smoker, friend of the boss, restaurant owner being the worst tippers or which ethnic groups or which genders, etc. are the worst tippers but, yes, some people are targeted for less than great service because the server has been 'burned' too many times. I am going to be politically correct in NOT naming the worst tippers but I will tell you, in most cases, males from New York City are the best tippers--they have been trained by the New York servers!! LOL

20) As the customer please remember you are the boss and whether you enjoy the restaurant and meal is in your hands!

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