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Sunday, November 17, 2013

I have been on sparks for 7 years and done the up down up down story so common to a lot of us. HOWEVER.....this year I seemed to have turned some kind of corner and definitely doing better.

Some of my highlights have been....
1) losing 20kgs and only putting on 3.4kgs during an extremely emotionally troublesome time.
Of those 3.4kg I have lost 3 of them. So almost back to my 20kg loss.

2) been able to move the car seat FORWARD after hubby has driven it. Usually I had to move it back to make more room for my stomach.

3) no headaches.

4) borrowed a jacket from my sister and was able to button it. May just claim it as victory spoils emoticon

5) was given a fabulous jersey by mom and it fit.

6) finally fitting into shirts an elderly friend gave me TWO YEARS AGO.

7) energy energy energy.

8) the pride that shines in my husbands eyes can be called a bigggg highlight.

9) my nephew who thought I would not manage has changed his opinion. He is 34 and I have been obese ALL HIS LIFE.

10) feeling like a winner....FINALLY.

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure there are more highlights.

Having shake for two meals has really made this journey so much easier. Two meals I don't have to think about. Its all in there, all the nutrients, the vitamins and its tasty and filling. Wish I had known this years ago. 20kgs has always been my downfall. At 20kgs people start having loads to say about my change in shape. Every year up till now, I have somewhere, somehow gone running for emotional cover and gained every kg back plus some. This shake says it feeds your cells. If that be true, then I can see why I feel more in control....but still....I have another 4 months left before my year is complete and I wont be over confident till I have reached March 2014. I am still in the normally dangerous stage of my weight loss now. Admittedly I feel IN CONTROL like never before....still....I will try not to be over confident.

I sign off with a happy smile on my lips and will go and prepare my clothes, water bottle etc for boot camp in the morning. Hope you all have had a great weekend and coping with life's up's and down's without finding solace in the kitchen.
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