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Sunday, November 17, 2013

I slept in til 5am this morning which is better than being awake at 3:37 like I was yesterday. I got up and got my coffee and a trip to the bathroom. Then I came in my room and put in the 10 minute solution blast off belly fat. There's 5 10 minute videos. You can customize a workout or pick a video or you can play all of the videos. I decided to play all of the videos and do what I could. Half way thru the second video I decided that I needed a shower and then I decided I needed to go to the fitness center and lift some weights and after that I decided that I needed to get on the treadmill. Then I was going to see Ryan since he said I should come over but then by the time I finished killing my butt (I kept jacking up the incline on the treadmill for the first 25 minutes and then put the incline on 5 that last 5 minutes) I walked up to his apartment but he was in the shower because he had to go get some supplies. So I sat down on the steps in the breezeway since it rained last night or this morning (it stopped by the time I got outside to go to the fitness center) and then I finished my walk around the complex and then fixed my hair for church. Mom was up when I got home but Elijah is still sleeping. The treadmill is getting to be too easy so I decided to start jacking up the incline. I put it to 9 and then I couldn't do it so that's when I decided to drop it to 5. Once going up to like 10 or 15 starts to get easy I'll start from 10 or 15 and work my way down to 5. For a while I kept it at 2.5 and then it got easy. I am so glad that I am able to get on the treadmill and walk without my foot hurting. Once I drop a good number of pounds I am thinking about picking up the speed on the treadmill. I'm one who doesn't like to jiggle. I have two different kinds of undergarments that make my stomach look flat. One goes on the bottom and the other goes over my head but doesn't cover my chest and I don't like to bounce either. I have this tummy trimmer wrap that goes around my waist. I considered putting it around my chest but my chest is big and I'd like to breath. So I'll wait a while before I start running. I have all of the ingredients I need to make my vegetable soup. I am either going to do that at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Between now and the next time we go to the library I am going to workout using the DVDs I borrowed from the library. I am going to do the exercises I can and work on the ones I can't. I am thinking about increasing the weight on the weightlifting machine. It's starting to get easy. The lat pulls I can do 9 pounds but the other arm weight lifts I can do 7 pounds which is an increase from 6 pounds. Ryan discovered that I was strong. He was trying to tickle me but I was able to hold him off. Mom has no upper body strength and I do so I do the treadmill to work on the lower half and the weights to work on the upper half and the DVDs to work on the middle. I am still pretty happy about losing 3 pounds this week. Elijah had the scale out on like Wednesday night and he wanted me to get on the scale and it still said 218. I wasn't thrilled but then again I weigh in first thing in the morning and it was like 8 at night so I had eaten food and been drinking throughout the day. The days I weigh in I'll weigh myself before I eat or drink anything but after I go to the bathroom.
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