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Starting again - mixed feelings

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yep I have to start the weight loss again!!! Not funny, am right now at my heaviest ever according to my new scale (the old one was showing less). I do not look as big as I did when I was 86kg, 6 years ago. That time, when I had turned 40 I was still doing long distance running, doing an average of 60km a week. I had not changed the way I ate, but suddenly the weight just started piling on. I think it probably has to do with hormonal changes & your body needing less as you age.
It took me a long time to figure out what to do (see my info page). But by changing the distribution of the calories I ate (more snacks, less food during main meals) and changing up my exercise routine - I joined a gym & introduced other exercise like swimming, to my mainly running only before - I lost 10kg.
Then injuries & sickness hit me and I gained again, but I was always able to loose some again. Still the weight crept up steadily and the fight got harder. Then the last almost 2 years I have been stuck in a job I hate and due to the stress & lots of overtime I have been eating mindless at times and having a soda here and there in the office.
Last year Christmas I gave myself a good talking to and set about several changes:
* keep healthy snack in the office for when I need to work overtime, or through lunch hour
* keep a variety of hot beverage options in my drawer (coffee, tea, herbal infusions etc.) so that I do not resort to the soda, which is readily available as well
* exercise more
* walk as many lunch times as I can
Over Christmas I ate very well, within my limit every day, exercised 5-6 days a week and was proud of myself. But my stomach still looked too big and I had not lost inches.
Then I weighed myself and had gained 2kg. I was endlessly frustrated.

During that time I discovered you had a free trial for spark coach. I tried it, but it didn't give me much new insight. But I had started to write down the calories I ate and realized that a lot of Indian food is not in the tracker and when you brouse recipes you find that the same food can vary with calories drastically on the way it is cooked. Now we eat once or twice at friends every week, and I don't know how they cook their food.

Also when you eat a an Indian house food is put on the table in many (and I mean many) small bowls and you help yourself. The host will almost force you to try everything.
I have been careful to only take little from everything, but it still adds up. Especially if you have a glass of wine or 2 with it.

I did loose about 3kg earlier this year, but regained 6kg
Another fact is, being in Perimenopause does not help. The up & down in your hormones messes up your metabolism. Since going on HRT is not an option for me I just need to try harder to find the right combination of "diet" and exercise.

Now I have decided to do the following:
* get back to the gym 3 times a week
* do what ever exercise on weekends I can (depending on joint pains) mixing golf practice, walking, running (when I can) and swimming (when it is warm enough)
* stop alcohol for the time being completely
* no sweet treats in the house, when I need one - go out and buy
* when eating at friends, let them know I am trying to loose wait & request they don't encourage me to take seconds.

Also I will play around with the number of snacks I take and how much I eat during main meals.

Now I need a cheering squat that holds me accountable....

So far I have lost 3/4 kg since I came back from India. Will weigh again tomorrow or day after.
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