The Great Cinnabon Trance

Saturday, November 16, 2013

This morning, I set the intention to listen to my body, to use the hunger scale, and to be mindful in choosing what I put into my body. I packed a healthy lunch to bring to work (I do work on Saturdays). I got into my car and drove to the gas station to fuel up. I had planned to eat a Kind bar I have stashed at work, but as if on auto-pilot, I immediately drove around the gas station to the Burger King drive-through, and ordered three (3!) of their cinnabon/minibons.

I'm not sure when the thought of going to Burger King initially arose in my mind. I think it was a very quick thought, immediately after I got back into my car. We're talking a split second of a thought, and that was enough to send me cruising immediately to the drive through.

Ideally, I would love to notice when I'm having an impulsive thought about food, and then use the hunger scale to evaluate whether I'm hungry, and if so, pause for a moment to decide what might taste really good that would be nourishing to my body. I know what to do! Why can't I pause long enough to remember to do it??

Once I had the Cinnabons in my car, I unwrapped my plastic fork and ate each one of them. It never occurred to me that perhaps I could throw them away and go buy something healthier, or that I could eat the Kind bar as planned. It never occurred to me that maybe I could eat one Cinnabon since it sounded good, and forego the rest. Nope. I unconsciously told myself, "Well, what's done is done. Now dig in."

I really need to figure out how to get this pause in. The pause is the most important part of mindful eating, and mindful living in general. I have already decided I'm going to tape a little index card to the dashboard that says "Pause, Laura!" but I'm not sure that will be enough. I've been operating on autopilot for years and years. I guess it's a good first step.

So now that I've eaten this sugar-laden breakfast (to the point of feeling sick when I got to work), it's important that I take back control of this day. I am now setting an intention to take good care of myself for the rest of today - to drink water, to eat when hungry, to stop when full. I plan to take a hot bubble bath tonight as a reward for getting through my work week. I will not beat myself up about this morning, but I do need to brainstorm some ways to get this Pause in more often.

Any ideas??
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    Haha! JULIAMOONCHILD, I welcome your kick in the pants anytime ;) I needed it on this particular occasion! I love and agree with the State of Readiness thing. That is so my weakness. I need to plan!!!

    SEAJESS, thank you for the Beck reminders! It's been awhile since I read the book, so I'm a bit rusty, but I did love all those cognitive behavioral tools. I will dust off that book and re-read it soon.

    2555 days ago
    Well, in a vein of humor (only because I know you read my accountability blog), I must ask, "WTH were you thinking?!!!!"

    Dang, girl, that was rotten decision you made and if not for the fact that you have clearly confessed here of your sin, I would berate you even longer ... maybe even until the cows came home. Fortunately, you have not only confessed of your deed but have also offered ways of repenting, of turning away from such actions, going forward.

    I wud make one suggestion to you, based on what works for our National Defense ... and that is, You need to be in a "State of Readiness"

    In a State of Readiness ... means planning a head of time your day and, in particular, your food choices ........which includes snacks. Do you track your food on the spark food tracker? If ya don't, maybe ya need to start with that. But no matter what, plan ahead. Be READY. Even if you plan ahead that burger king crap, be accountable to your daily calorie allotment so that you can always ask yourself if your choices are worth it.

    You're one smart cookie ... and ya better start acting like it - Or else suffer the "pat on the back" that you know (from my blog) that I am capable and willing to give!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2555 days ago
  • PROT358
    It's like automated eating. It's not quite mindless, because some part of it registers as to what we're doing, and we do it anyway. I still struggle with this too, and then afterwards I want to smack myself and say, "What was I thinking?" And what really gets me is if I could have delayed past the initial moment, I probably could have redirected course (just like you said you could have ordered something healthier). Maybe the aftermath of the stomach cramps and nausea that might leave a powerful enough memory to deter us next time!
    2566 days ago
    emoticon Reading your blog and Beck Days 25, 26 and 27 is great timing! Those days talk about how to identify sabotaging thoughts, recognize thinking mistakes and then respond more skillfully with the Seven Question Technique.

    emoticon Whip out your Beck Diet Solution book and be my brain remodel buddy! This healthy lifestyle game is mostly in the mind (in my experience).

    emoticon There are so many other great techniques, too. Like preplanning meals & snacks, saying "NO CHOICE" when food that's not on the plan beckons and other great tools. (I like to say "ALREADY CHOSE" to remind me I committed to my plan but I have the autonomy tantrums of a two-year old sometimes.)

    emoticon One good thing about your experience is that there are lessons to learn from it that will only make you stronger.
    emoticon emoticon
    2567 days ago
    Thank you for the encouragement and suggestions! I do think having a water bottle with me all the time would be helpful - that's a great point. I've got water at home and I've got water at work, but I do not have a bottle I carry with me. And yes, eating before I leave would definitely be much better. Maybe I should even put some quick breakfasts in my car in case I'm in a hurry, like I was today. I think it all comes down to planning. Thank you so much - those are great ideas! emoticon
    2568 days ago
    I think the idea to put the message up is great. I do that, too. I don't know that I have any viable suggestions. I, too, lose many battles with autopilot (the movie theater is the worst for me) Water is important- I always have my water bottle with me. I try to drink water when I begin to make a decision to eat something that I know won't help my cause. I also try to plan out my day. Maybe start out with the kindbar at home or with a breakfast at home? It could even be a breakfast shake or protein shake to start with? I find that when I eat at home (particularly veggie egg white omelets) I am less inclined to binge or make poor decisions at work/while I'm out. Sometimes even with the best intentions, our mind wins out. I think the plan for the rest of your day sounds fantastic. Drink lots of water, eat well and enjoy your Saturday. You will figure this out. You can do this emoticon !
    2568 days ago
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