A stressful week with a peaceful ending

Friday, November 15, 2013

After a very stressful week filled with annoying amounts of paperwork, doctor's visits, and the rush -rush of everyday living, I am coming to the end of the week on a positive note. I prayed and God answered prayer. He showed me where I had gone astray with excessive people pleasing to the detriment of my own peace and serenity; He showed me how to put first things first to take care of the important things where necessary; He showed me that I need to take time every day to get quiet and read the proverbs daily which I really enjoy and
seem to help me focus at the start of the day ( I read the Proverb chapter for the date of the present day), and he showed me that I am becoming too hyperactive again and running in circles, so I had better slow down and DO SOME DEEP BREATHING before I wind up with a cardio problem again. So today I worked off my anxiety by cleaning, straightening up and sorting through all the stuff in my kitchen that was in disorder. That was an important start to the holidays to come, and I felt so peaceful when I had accomplished it all. And I wasn't hungry anymore! I always get hungry when I am over-stressed. Doing my kitchen clean-up was like a work-out at a gym...dishes anyone??? I decided that I was taking my DD and grandson out for Thanksgiving since it will be less than a week after my cataract surgery and I don't want to cook or have anyone else messing around in my kitchen. I made a decision to end a 10 year counseling relationship that was forcing me into a co-dependent situation that I have been trying to end for some time now, and I read the 15th chapter of Proverbs with lunch today, and enjoyed both. I have so much to learn from Proverbs that I need to read them over and over because I always forget what I try to remember!!! Haha!
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