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Friday, November 15, 2013

This morning I don,t feel so good about myself because I didn't sleep well so decided to skip my exercise. That's cool by me as I have a day of gardening planned once I get out of bed, and tomorrow which has been a rest day for me is day 2 at the gym, so I won't actually be missing any exercise for the week, in fact I'll have done more.
I feel proud of myself for getting on board with the exercise and maintaining my momentum so well. I don't get too distracted and I am thinking that next year it will be a kind of brushing my teeth thing, as it has been for much of this year, but my exercise will be more intense, and will incorporate regular land based ST.
And as I said yesterday I am happy with my improved appearance, too.
I have made quite a dramatic change in my diet, I eat things I didn't before, and have really restricted my carbs, and feel so much better for it.
My liquor intake has fallen away dramatically, I seldom drink and when I do, mostly it is just a glass or two. A big help with the weight loss!

In fact, and I know this is cheesy, but having excavated my wardrobe and found items that fit me after 15 and 20 years, it is literally true to say I feel twenty years younger.

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