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Friday 11-15-2013 Assortment

Friday, November 15, 2013

An Alaskan, a Texan, and a Californian were all due to face a firing squad. The Alaskan was the first one to stand against the wall. As the soldiers took aim, he suddenly shouted, “Avalanche!” The soldiers instinctively turned around to look, and he escaped.
The Texan was brought out, and as the soldiers raised their rifles, he shouted, “Flood!” Again they turned around, and by the time they realized their mistake, the Texan had slipped away.
Finally it was the Californian’s turn. He decided to follow the lead of his fellow prisoners, so when the soldiers pointed their guns at him, he shouted, “Fire!”
What U.S. magazine has the largest circulation in the world?

AARP The Magazine

The origin of the laugh track

Radio comedies used studio audiences to tell the home audience when to laugh. TV kept it up, but sometimes nobody in the studio audience laughed when they were supposed to. In the late 1940s, CBS sound engineer Charley Douglass came up with a solution: artificial laughter. He created a tape loop of ideal audience responses (from CBS archival radio shows), which could be inserted wherever they were needed. Douglass realized that dozens of taped laughs would be required. Douglass compiled his tape loops and programmed them into a device called the Laff Box—the creation of the “laugh track.”
(Now we know who to blame! emoticon )
First female nightly news anchor: Barbara Walters, on The ABC Evening News (1976).
As promised - some more apple facts:

1. About 50% of apples grown in the United States are sold fresh, and 50% are processed into apple juice, apple sauce or dehydrated apple products.

2. The first commercial orchard was planted in 1730 in Flushing, Long Island.

3. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away! Research has shown that eating 2 apples a day can relieve headaches, respiratory illnesses, will lower blood pressure, help prevent cholesterol build-up, and improve overall health.

More apple facts tomorrow.
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