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Contra Dance: Time for Some REAL Swinging!

Friday, November 15, 2013

I keep waiting for a pocket of time to do this blog justice, however things are hopping such that I KNOW if I don't share it now my weekend is gonna just run away with itself and who knows WHEN I'll catch up with all of you! :-)

First of all a follow up to my "workout weirdness": turns out my son has noticed the same thing happens to him when allergies kick up working out quiets them down. He said that pumping up our bodies during a workout just over-rides the allergies while our heart and blood is revved up.

In the meantime the allergies sorta come and sorta go...at least I finally remembered my old buddy the neti pot. It really helps to quiet the symptoms.

Now onto the FUN STUFF! I can't thank 4-A-HEALTHY-BMI enough for her friendly "nudges" to join in the fun of contra dance! PLUS although another local member of SparkPeople (ANNIEMAC_98) and I have caught up with each other via the website, this was the first time we had a chance to "make it real" and meet each other at contra dance since I posted to our local group to encourage others to join in the fun.

Check out 4-A-HEALTHY-BMI's blog with all the pics and links to "fill in the blanks":

I was so glad to have pushed through my reservations and apprehensions over trying contra dance! Not that I wasn't daunted by the challenges! Unlike swing dance in which once you a a few basic steps and variations you're good for a night of dancing, with contra dance there are MANY different moves to learn. And because the moves are called out by the "caller," it required one to a) listen carefully, b) know the taxonomy of the various moves (do-si-do, allemande, etc.) and / or c) follow the crowd and do what THEY do!

My hearing isn't what it should be (especially with live music, conversation and many audio distractions) so I pretty much opted for c) throughout my time dancing. Tricky though as while one is constantly moving you can't always keep your eye on what others are doing. Sometimes there was guesswork, which wasn't as reliable as I would've hoped!

But there was lots of repitition, so eventually I would get it down and get through the steps without too many mishaps. And the people were OH-so-friendly and helpful...often pointing me in the right direction when I looked lost or headed the wrong way.

Some of the dances requires one to swing your partner and the swinging in contra dance is WAY more cool than the swinging in swing dance! After having danced with a few different gals, 4-A-HEALTHY-BMI asked for a dance which I gladly obliged! I was about to find out what REAL swinging was like! It had been pretty tame with the others but with 4-A-HEALTHY-BMI (always a full-throttle sort of person, which is one of many great qualities she has!) it almost felt like *I* was being swung...lol! So I quickly learned to reciprocate in kind and soon we were whirling away just *this close* to being disorientingly dizzy...but not quite! What a blast!

It was a blast in another way too: we all heated up that gym in a hurry! I was sopping with sweat by the time I wrapped up!

The live music was extra special also, playing folk from uptempo to elegant waltzes. Excellent musicians!

I found out that there is a group that gets together for contra dance in the Binghamton area on a regular basis and hope to continue to push through my reticence and join in again soon.

Pushing the envelope and being "alive in the world!" That's what it's all about! :-)

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