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Don't let the FDA destroy Organics!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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    Disgusting. Wholly unconsciable. But it's BigAg and government. I don't know what we should really expect. The fact that special interests are now being promoted and adopted into our official recommendations is frightening. Big Brother is more than just "watching."

    1647 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    yikes,,,eeekkk emoticon
    1648 days ago
    The claims in that petition regarding Taylor are backed up by Taylor's wikipedia entry. Sigh.

    1648 days ago
    1648 days ago
    I hope that the plan is thwarted.
    1648 days ago
    I think ANYTHING to do with Monsanto is DISGUSTING. But really, how far have any of the movements or protest or petitions gotten us? Money talks, and they now have it all. SO we are pretty much screwed at this point I think. Unless there is a big money group that would back organic and local. Maybe we should brainstorm on who THAT might be and try to convince THEM to back us. Clearly politicians won't.
    1649 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/14/2013 10:25:28 PM
    we may already be getting them and have been getting them as its been in the market place for over 30 years now. People are complacent because its easier then taking a stand - and they wont take a stand till there is proof possitive that sweet corn they ate is causing it. Or in the case of congress not till someone's kid or grandkid is dead from it.. shame shame shame. so any bets on when the first chromosome altered human is on board, or has that already happened, no longer just sci-fi !!! By the way, the seed for organic and the seed for non come from the same sourse .. so you might want to start asking what their source is. And organic is becoming such a racket as well ... anything that has a board ususally is, just my jaded 2 cents eh emoticon
    1649 days ago
    Ugh. Disgusting.
    1649 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    I am so disgusted!
    Some guy was trying to tell me that all sweet corn is heirloom and none of it is GMO, darn fool. People just will not listen or believe this is happening and if it does, oh well it won't harm us, is their attitude. Believing it is a good thing. Birgit I want to scream.
    I just pleaded with the guy to please look into it. I wasn't at home to give him the sites I have on line.
    His words were, "Oh heck it is nothing. People are making a big whoop-te-do about nothing. The seed companies are giving the farmers a real break on the seeds. They love it, less pesticides too." I asked him if he knew why it was cheaper, he replied " Because the seeds have the fertilizer ad pesticides built into them." Duh and we eat those seeds and the pesticide go into us. He replied, "yah, but they won't hurt us, just weeds." My gosh it was like talking to a shoe. This was at the indoor farmer's market today when I asked about if the vegetables on his table were GMO or not.
    I shook my head as I walked off, of course empty handed.
    I asked the same question to the guy selling organic pastured eggs, what his chickens eat, answer; organic grain. Why would you feed your pastured chickens grains? Answer, "because they are indoors now because of winter coming." So they aren't pastured raise? "Well they were a few weeks ago." Honest Birgit. I walked away shaking my head. Ignorance.
    I came home with very little from the market today. Did get some grass feed milk, from a guy that started feeding his cows from wild field hay. I gave up at that point and didn't even want to know the details on what that might be.
    God help us all.
    1649 days ago
    Will they?
    1649 days ago
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