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More About the Half and Other Happenings

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The professional pictures from the half marathon are now available. Haven't decided if I want to spend the money or not. If you want to see, check out:

I like the very first picture and the fourth one of me over the finish line. One mistake I made was to take off my race number before the victory poses with the finisher's medal. So none of the pictures of me alone or with various groups of my running friends come up, because they sorted them by race number. Darn.

I'm running this evening at the Y. I'm taking granddaughter Natalie to her pre-team gymnastics class from 6-7:30pm. That will give me enough time to get in a good run and watch her a little. So proud of her determination, even after she had a pretty nasty fall on the beam. Guess we all have obstacles to overcome. Hubby is at doctor right now getting out the staples from his falling-out-of-bed injury. Fingers are crossed that the scar won't look as bad as we fear.

Today I'm wearing my newest running shoes to break them in. I had planned to wear the same shoes I wore for the Red Ribbon HM to the St Pete Women's Half, but I notice that the outside of those shoes are wearing so that there is some stress on my ankles. Even though these new ones don't match the costume as well, I think it is wiser to wear the ones that give me the best support -- especially since I have a sore toe on my left foot and, as of today, a bloody split on my right foot. Darn again. Think that eczema that I finally have almost cleared up on my hands has now surfaced on my feet. Luckily, I have a routine doctor visit tomorrow and he may have some suggestions for keeping it in check so it won't affect my running.

I didn't weigh for a couple days before and the day after the HM because I didn't want to see it. Monday I weighed 129.0, Tuesday I weighed 128.4, Wednesday 128.2, and today 127.8. So I'm still 1.8 over target, but going the right direction!

City of Lakeland posted 33 free pictures of the half marathon. There were 733 finishers, so I wasn't surprised I wasn't in any of them. Other friends have posted some pix, too. Thought you might want to see some more:

Here's the Galloway 30 second run/30 second walk group. Shyre who gave me a ride and will be running the Women's Half is in the center.

Here is the running coach, Rebecca Marsh, and her husband. Rebecca was my coach for 2 months leading to my 5K PR. She's been very ill for several months and this was her first competition in a long time. She told me she expected to finish in 2:30 just like I did, but she finished in 1:54.

Here's Mary who took first place in our age group with a time of 2:11. Her hubby won his age group, too. They are both in our Galloway group.

Here's Brenda who helped me overcome the stitch in my side.

Signs along the way ---

Here's Jan. She's in my age group.

Tracy works at Disney and she runs in our group, too.

Angela is a pace group leader in our running group.

I've got lots more, but not of me.

Really enjoyed our local SparkTeam meeting last evening. Wish I could get someone from our running group to join SP, but no luck so far. I feel so blessed to have all the support of SP online and local SP group, my WW group, my running group, the YMCA, the Senior Dance. It sure takes a lot of support for me to live the lifestyle!!

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