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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Earlier I did my exercise (1 hour on the treadmill) and I was fine no issues with tracking the steps. However afterwards it stopped tracking at a certain point and I reset the FitBit (Zip) and all functions returned to normal! I'm over 100,000 steps for November today which I am proud of. I'm going to do some more walking round 330pm for a half hour and then in the evening I have strength training and yoga to do and I'll probably walk before I do those 2 activities. I'll be on the treadmill again since it will be dark by the time I get to that!

I have the last piece of salmon to get to tonight and I am going to make Quinoa with it and maybe more green beans. I need a sauce for the salmon though because I slightly overdid the salmon last night but it was still good. Fish and I are still trying to come to an agreement but I'm getting better at preparing them. I wish we had halibut down here but no dice you can never find it. I'm trying to cut back on my fish. I only eat salmon, tilapia and halibut anyways. I eat them maybe 2 times a month and chicken and turkey once or twice a week since in other foods I don't get enough of the vitamins and everything I need. I get my blood tested every six months and all areas usually come out within range but a few vitamins keep me a bit deficient. Iron (I've always been low since I was young) sometimes Vitamin D and always Potassium! So I've tried taking more iron and potassium but it does not work so the doctor said just eat enough chicken and fish so you can get into range since we've thought of everything else to try. It works most of the time and I don't mind a little chicken, eggs, and a few types of fish. I won't eat any beef, pork, veal and most of the year I skip the turkey!

Its sunny today which always improves my mood and I've done more words for NaNoWriMo and fixed my hair and did a few chores. My cat is hiding today. He's under the couch in the den on the first floor. He goes there to be alone and not bothered with. He came in this morning and gave me a ration of talking which means he was annoyed by something or it took me too long to get to him lol.

Well for NaNoWriMo, I had an outline and an idea for a novel, but I scraped some of it because I hated what I wrote and changed core details which put me behind somewhat but I wasn't worried because I almost caught up to where I would like to be at almost the midpoint. I'm round 11,000 words right now which seems deficient because you need to get to 50,000 words verified to win by November 30th, lol. I'm still not worried though. I did a 25,000 word term paper at University in 3 weeks from start to finish, including the research part. (I got a 98 out of 100 on it, it was History its one of my most favourite subjects.) Its sort of a love story between 2 people, adapting to life, with all sorts of alternative ideas thrown it. I don't want to get too descriptive and annoy some people's delicate sensibilities if you catch my drift lol. I don't want to get too descriptive anyhow because if I get a hair then I'll change up things again and put myself out of the win!

I may have to recheck my books out of the library since they are due the 26th I think it is and its only 4 books with 2 being fairly short reads but the other 2 are fairly thick so I may have to recheck those 2 anyhow! I have eaten breakfast and lunch today and the snack I had almost counts as 2 snacks I do believe so I will be done after dinner with food for the day. Its not often I eat after dinner anyhow so I'll be quite fine~

Edit--Just completed the welcome guide on the START PAGE. I think its a very good feature for new members to the site to learn their way round much easier. It gave me a few reminders which was very nice! I won't sneeze at getting 500 points either. It reminded me I should make food groupings since I realised I eat a lot of the same food together. I didn't think I did but it turns out I'm a creature of habit with food a lot of the time. I always start out on the Spark Points Page and not the Start Page, its just easier for me that way and its easier to get to the specific section of Spark People you want to get to without extra clicking going on. I use the Start page for the faster tracking of some goals, reviewing the goal board and getting points for my Spark Teams and that's it!
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    I was going to say banana's also - they are packed with potassium. I LOVE fish - why did you say you need to cut down if you only have them a few times a month? Salmon is my absolute favorite - I buy the salmon steaks with skin as a treat a few times a month and the rest of the time I eat the tinned salmon - YUM! I put it in a plastic container and usually finished a can within a few days. I eat it straight out of the container with a fork most of the time - helps build up my protein figures also. Now when I cook the fresh salmon steaks I always wrap them in alfoil with lemon juice and put them in the oven. I spray the alfoil with oil spray so they don't stick. I can tell when they are ready by the smell - as soon as I can smell a definite fishy smell I pop them out and they are perfect every time. I don't like overcooked salmon so they are still very pink, soft and moist when I eat them. YUM! Might have to go get one out of the freezer for dinner tonight now! I've just made myself hungry. emoticon
    1620 days ago

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    How about eating bananas for potassium?

    Let me know the answer on my SparkPage because if you answer here I won't know it.
    1620 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/13/2013 6:00:52 PM
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