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So hungry...what to do?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not to sure about this but....I am going to try it. The past few days I have been hungry at the end of the day. So instead of getting off track I am going to eat at the higher range of the calorie bar. For awhile I have been at the low end. But I am just getting hungry. My range is 1350-1700 calories. I try to stay under 1400, while for some reason here lately its just not cutting it. So starting today I am increasing my calories. I logged all my meals and snacks in for the day today. I ended up with these scores all within my range.
I am going to try doing this for a week and see how I feel. This includes lots of fruit and veggies for the day. Been drinking 8-11 glasses of h2o. Gosh I need to do something, my tummy is roaring. Hoping that I feel better doing this, hopefully not hungry, maybe a tad more energy. So this is my plan, hope I don't gain doing this. Wish me luck!
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    an apple with PB is a good breakfast for me, especially a BIG apple. I also try to spread my protein out over meals and snacks. I think that helps.

    my challenge is even though the belly is not grumbly the brain sends me looking for snacks. that is keeping my weight steady ( no losses, but thankfully no gains either) but not helping my BP or getting me towards my goals.

    WW leaders are sticklers for urging WWers to get all their portions or points in a day, it really makes a difference.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1679 days ago
    I eat a lot of protein and that seems to help me keep from feeling so hungry ... your plan sounds great ...roc
    1680 days ago
  • STARDUST_1970
    emoticon sounds like a good plan. good luck. hope ya still lose.
    1680 days ago
  • PGHP31CK
    I agree with SHERYLP461 -- combining peanut butter (protein/fat) with an apple (carb) is great end of the day snack.

    When I snack, most of the time I make sure that I have a protein (peanut butter, nuts, cheese, tofu, yogurt, etc.) with my carbs (apples, berries, whole grain crackers, etc.). I seem to stay fuller longer if I do.

    Also, the more you exercise, the more you need to eat! Make sure that your activity goals in your fitness tracker correctly reflect the amount of exercise you're doing.

    My fitness tracker put up a red message last week, telling me that I might not be eating enough for my level of activity. The tracker was right! I've been exercising more than I was (and will be staying at this level), so I increased my goal. My daily calorie range increased slightly, and I'm finding that I'm not quite as hungry in the evening when I eat in the middle of the new range.

    I know you can do it & I'm cheering you on!

    1681 days ago
    I eat low GI foods, which fill me up and keep me within my calorie range, which is 1200 -1550 and added to that 337 daily burned calories.

    I'm a bit devious :) and as I weigh-in Mondays, my rest day is Sunday when I eat about 1200 calories. Mon to Thurs I eat near the top (1887 cals) of my range and then drop down to nearer the bottom.(1537 cals) So far I've NEVER felt hungry but I do eat big meals. My salads have at least 9 items and over 400 calories and are super healthy, I've been told on the boards.

    There's an idea, Cathe, C&P your days meals to the boards and see what advice you get there.
    1681 days ago
    I think you will be fine. Its not good to be hungry, because in the end that will cause you to binge. Try to save some calories for a little snack after dinner. That works for me. I do what Sherylp461 does...I have apple slices and one tbsp peanut butter. Except I don't have a whole apple...I buy apple slices at the store, the ones that come in individual portions so that is only 30 calories, then the tbsp of PB is only 100 calories more. And its filling because there is lots of chewing, lol.
    1681 days ago
    This plan sounds good, I hope it works for you, Cathe!

    1681 days ago
    That is a really good plan! Your still all right at the higher end. Your body has to adjust to your new way of eating and it takes time. Make sure you are not skipping meals when you are feeling this way because it makes it worse at night. Even if you are not hungry for lunch eat something lite. If you do better in the day try to give yourself more wiggle room at night. Try to think of those foods that satisfy with one helping, for me, sometimes cooked is more satisfying then cold. Maybe cooked carrots will do it. When I am having trouble at night I usually go for fruit or salad first and if that does not do it I get protein like a hard boiled egg. Sparking helps me to get thru those times too. Helps me to get my mind off of it. If all that fails I force myself to go to bed. Also, reminding myself that in the morning I can have a nice breakfast will get me thru the fight at night. I know its awful when the binge monster calls at night. I support you. Hang in there, put up your dukes! You are worth the fight! emoticon
    1681 days ago
    I hope that works for you!

    I'm like Sheryl, the apple/peanut butter combo seems to help me.

    It's all trial and error. Good luck!
    1681 days ago
    Don't hit me- emoticon
    but I eat low carb and do not have un-controllable cravings. Everyone has cravings- it's part of being human. But the more I eat fruit-bars etc the more I want. The lower carb I eat- broccoli, salad, mushrooms, cheese, protein, the less I crave what I shouldn't eat. It does take a little time- a few days or so.

    Just my VERY humble opinion!
    1681 days ago
    Good idea, you can do it
    1681 days ago
    Ya , I seem to feel so Hungry At night and i know its all in my head! I think i am an emotional eater sometimes tho i never thought this before! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon BONZ(((((((HUGS))))))))((((((blessi
    ngs))))))))) emoticon emoticon
    1681 days ago
  • SHERYLP461
    At the end of the day I have an apple sliced with 1 tbs peanut butter. This is a filling snack and good for you too. Some days you use all your calories and some days you don't, I think you will do dine moving up a bit on the consumption.
    1681 days ago
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