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I walked OVER 60 miles in just 3 days...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I had my alarm set for 4:00am but who can sleep with so much excitement? I was up and ready by 3:30am. Opening ceremonies didn’t start until 8:00am! The team I joined, Pink Soles in Motion, rented a charter bus to take us to the opening ceremonies and we needed to be on the bus by 5:00am. We were going to arrive in style. We were the first ones on the scene with the exception of the crew and volunteers.

This is a father/daughter walking team! We loved them…they were SPUNKY!

Even the Plano Fire Fighters were out there supporting us walkers!

And why wouldn’t I get festive for the nightly activities? Let’s be honest…when do I EVER pass up a chance to put on a costume of some sort? Our team, being the LARGEST team, took up an entire row of pink tents and we decorated our area as a Pumpkin Patch of Hope. BTW…we won 1st place for decorating!

Day 1 ended with us walking just over 23 miles. I went to sleep that night a little proud of myself and ready to take on Day 2.

Day 2 started bright and early. What was on the agenda for the day? 20 miles!

Now Carrollton’s fiercest firemen were on the scene to cheer us on! Could we really pass up the opportunity to take a picture with them?

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the silliness!

One of our team member and a dear friend celebrated being a 10yr survivor while out on the walk!

Even Santa Claus took time out from his busy work at the North Pole to support us!

What I REALLY loved about Day 2 was that I had so many friends come out and cheer me on!

Day 2 was done and I logged just under 44 miles.

At the end of the night our team celebrated being the top fundraising team and we were provided with GIGANTIC cupcakes and special seating.

Oh yes! You better believe I partook in a cupcake. This girl burned over 8000 calories EACH day…I DESERVED it! OK, maybe deserved is a strong word…I WANTED it! We also learned chair yoga!

I went to bed that night with sore feet and ankles. I knew Day 3 would be the tough one. We always trained for two back to back long walks. BUT never a third.

This was it! This was the day that I would complete walking 60 miles in 3 days. This was the day that I could check off one more item on my bucket list. This was the day that ALL of my training would pay off. This was it…the final count-down.

The excitement was in the air…

I will confess. This third day was brutal. While I had a smile on my face for every picture taken, what was not captured were the tears that were pooling nmy eyes. From mile 3 through mile 11.2 (lunch stop) I was in PAIN. My ankles were so sore that every step I took I had to make a conscious decision to keep one foot in front of the other. Training always called for two back-to-backs. The third day was a pure physical and mental challenge. I just kept telling myself that I trained too dang hard to stop; that I did NOT want to HAVE to do this agin (choosing and having to do something are two very different things); that I wanted to cross that finish line KNOWING that I accomplished something so huge. My will power HAD to beat out what my body was telling it to do.

During our lunch stop this amazing 18yr old girl who is a part of our team AND as a senior in highschool is focusingon sports medicine, stretched me and adjusted me enough to where I could walk semi-pain free! I could now smile and mean it….aaahhhh sweet relief!

We had but 5 miles to complete the 60 mile trek. We were determined!

The Harley Davidson crew are part of the Pink Soles in Motion Family and they came out on Day 2 and supplied mimosa’s and on this third day they had celebratory beer at mile 58! Since I do not drink beer I simply took pictures and drank my water.



Guess who just completed 60 miles in 3 days? THIS girl did!

This was THE most physically challenging thing I have ever done. And I am so dang proud of myself!

Will I do it again? Maybe, but not in 2014. What I am doing in 2014 is volunteering for this event. I will be out there making sure that the thousands of walkers have what they need to complete their journey.

Here are some additional pictures for your viewing pleasure…

NOW…I want to show you what training can do for you. I attempted to walk the 3 day back in 2009 but I did poorly with my training. And my feet paid for it. The first two pictures were from 2009 and the third picture was taken after this event.


Again, thank you all for an amazing experience! I could NOT have done it without your support.
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