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Having such fun

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I cannot begin to tell you what fun I am having on my bicycle. Its tough work, make no mistake, but its such a great feeling, flying down hills and feeling the wind in my hair (through the holes in my helmet of course) It's also fun to have to PUUUUUUSH uphills to get to the top.
I wish I had done this years ago - but never mind, I'm doing it now and that's what counts.

If I think about all I am doing now compared to how little I did for years....it amazes me and my hubby too. The absolutely wonderful thing is, that as my weight drops and my energy increases, the more I surprise myself and my hubby. Hes so excited about my progress and finally admits that he believes I will do it this time. Yay victory is mine.

Saturday we are planning a cycle TOGETHER now that we have two bicycles. We are going to cycle through the forestry dept to our friends and have..he says coffee..but he hasn't cycled for a while, it will be COLD WATER I assure you. emoticon

Not only am I cycling around this past week, but I've been roped into boot camp twice a day. Now before you worry that I am overdoing it...I will explain.

I am with a very very structured morning boot camp. I have been with Ricco since March and my body is changing shape monthly under his care. I can feel muscles where I only had flab once before. Thing is, I am now a Herbal Life distributor and in our town they have a FITCLUB which is pretty much like a super fun version of boot camp...oh they work...but midst much laughter, counting down etc which is a fabulous way to introduce folks to exercise. I however, have been prepaid till June next year with Ricco and I really like the quiet, disciplined way he works. I love how he pushes me to delivery just that much more, even when I'm tired. I also love the personalized attention because of my knee injuries. Fitclub is done en mass. My point is, how do I send people to Fitclub and not be there to introduce them etc???
So, I work my guts out at boot camp and then do what I can at Fitclub.
I will get strong that's for sure.

This is our latest exercise. I am dead center and I love that I now am looking "normal" in a crowd, not the fat lady in the middle....even though I am still a fat lady lol.

I saw this on fb and while I get what they are saying....I personally want to be me....but a better version of myself. I am not satisfied to be exactly who I am. I will be healthier and stronger....just you wait and see.

So that's it folks. I am finished day 2 of this week and its been 100% thus far. Tomorrow is the middle of the week and I am sooo close to double figures (my next goal) that I am NOT MESSING ABOUT till I get there. Watch this space...he he.

Hope you are all having a sparkilicious day and being good. Not being good, is just stepping back and giving you more catch up time. Still, life doesn't always let things go smoothly, so if its a bumpy ride for you right now....accept it.....put it behind you and put your best foot forward for the new day.
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