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Life's Good. How I Love Spark People; Let Me Count the Ways . . .

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I am feeling so great today. It's another quiet day for me. Yesterday was awesome having my husband taking time off from work in the shop to hang with me. Those are rare days. Most of the time, I am busy with the kids, keeping the house in some semblance of not falling to the ground and building up my health. DH is usually working lots of hours in the shop. So even though we are yards apart, were are just busy. Yesterday started out sleeping in (oh how glorious!), sipping on coffee while hanging out on Spark. Then we ran to town to do a couple errands, ate out and nosed around in a local thrift store. Ok, so I know it doesn't sound all that special, but it's who your with, your perspective and Who lives in your heart in my book.

Today I woke up refreshed again, got my faithful cup a joe, and again, enjoyed a relaxing morning getting my points up there on spark, a little exercise. I had planned to clean more than I did, but I think I'll enjoy a walk, come back and plunk down on my bum and watch Columbo. I love some of the older stuff.

With all this blissful quiet, I'm reflecting on things that are now turning into an upward spiral for me. First, I want to thank my Lord & Savior. There would be nothing without Him. Next, I am so thankful to Spark People and the whole team for creating this amazing website. Again, NancySinatra, thank you for this month's challenge that has so motivated me. Just by getting points, I am doing baby steps and I am so feeling a difference. Allow me to count some of the ways:

1. I have more energy.
2. I am getting more restful sleep, and more sleep at that.
3. I am feeling some muscles underneath my layer of cushion. lol Can't see them yet, but I feel them.
4. I have created momentum rather than waiting for it.
5. I am relearning old perspectives I used to have.
6. I am filling my mind with all things health and am naturally moving in that direction now.
7. I am no longer feeling so bummed about my looks. I am DOING something.
8. I am enjoying the outdoors; something I haven't done in a long time.
9. My family is noticing a difference in my body.
10. I am feeling hopeful about the future.
11. I am getting more organized in other areas of my life too. Getting my health dealt with is having osmotic effects in other areas of my life.
12. My house is getting cleaner.
13. The more organized state of my cleaner home and streamlined routines is decluttering my mind.
14. My family feels more peaceful because I do.
15. I am making wonderful friends who are such kind, supportive people.
16. When I do sit down to relax, I don't feel guilty because I have been accomplishing good things.
17. The increased blood flow after exercising feels like a massage afterward.
18. My clothes are noticeably baggier.
19. The scale is finally, grudgingly obeying.

I'm guessing I could still think of more ways Spark People has been a blessing to me. But alas, I want to go take a walk.

What about you? What good results are you seeing?
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