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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Positive: I will NOT give up despite my crazy body! Also... get to spend time with lots of family today! I love them!

Negative: .... jk... but this is going to be a bit negative haha. Well I have been researching a lot about hypothyroidism because I am almost positive I have it. (Janet- did the themometer test last night and I my temperature was at 96.8 which puts me in the hypothyroidism category.. I still need to do it for 4 more days, i'll keep you posted) So I've been looking up the medications and what not... and have felt TERRIBLE reading those posts! Almost all of them were talking about how their medication hasn't helped them lose any weight!... All I could think of was.. oh my heck, i'm going to be huge forever. All my dreams of being healthy and thin seemed to fly out the window, and all I could think was I'm going to turn into an old bitter single lady with no future. (told you it was negative)

But after going to church and telling myself to buck up... I feel much better. I'm now questioning if I want to go get it checked or not. I decided however, that i'm going to keep pushing on no matter what this crazy body thinks. Even if I'm not losing weight.. i'm getting stronger, i'm making healthier choices, and that has to count for something. Who knows... maybe my diet just needs to be cleaned up and the weight will start to follow. Thats what i'm going to try now.. because now I look at this as a medical issue instead of a vanity issue. I want my body to be healthy and function the way it should..

Does anyone out there have hypothyroidism and have been able to lose weight despite it? Are you on medications and has it helped? Do you think I should get checked?
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    I've been Hypothyroid for over 30 years now and have been on med. ever since. I felt better right away. I thought that it would be the answer to being able to get pregnant, for getting slimmer. No, those things didn't happen, but we ended up adopting and our two grown adult kids are pure joy to us! There were things that I thought were just me until the med. regulated me. I was constipated all my life before med., and then ended up being regular and you can imagine how much better a person can feel with that! I've lost 67# with being on SP and in the last 2 years have had more health problems and have gained 40# back, so are trying to rein that and turn the scale around with upping my exercise and eating more veggies and fruit. Good luck to you and you'll be so glad that you went to your doctor to get checked out. I'm saying too, that if one puts their mind to losing, it really does get done! I know, I gave up and am paying for it!!
    1055 days ago
    I say get it checked out just so that you know. It don't believe that it goes away when you get in shape or lose weight. You need your thyroid. It will make a world of difference if that is the problem and you get treated.
    Take care of yourself.
    hugs Fran
    1610 days ago
    I have had hypothyroidism since I was born. I was pretty small as a small child-- but once my mom stopped crushing up my pill and sneaking it in for me, expecting that I was old enough and needed to learn how to remember everyday- I started packing on the pounds. I still haven't been taking my thyroid meds... Maybe I should add that into my goal!

    My doctor said just by taking those my TOM would become more regular, I'd had a ton more energy and I would drop about 40-50 lbs like magic! Some people don't take their pill ALONE which I think might hinder the effectivness. As my doctor put it the last time I saw her, "Thyroid Meds do not like to play nice with ANYTHING other than water."

    Alot of people will try to get you to fight the the "all-natural" pill called armour or something- really- I have heard it be more helpful than the regular pill about 1 out of 10 times. Not worth the fight in my opinion.

    I hope everything looks up- but I strongly recommend getting some bloodwork done and checking on it. It can really creep up and mess you up from what I've heard from people developing it as an adult.

    PS... you're not going to end up a bitter old lady.I thought that too- but then I married my husband at 342 lbs :)
    1621 days ago
    I am glad you feel better after going to church. Continue to get stronger and making healthy choices.
    1624 days ago
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