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My second Half Marathon and other ramblings

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Wow, it's been so long since I've used my free time to get on here! Spark has changed it's look a lot!

I was debating if it was worth even blogging tonight, or ever again, since what I write is mainly for myself. Just a log, a memory, a few minutes that I take time to reflect, see what can be changed or give myself a pat on the back. I decided why not. I wish I had the time every day to journal. I love love love to write. I love getting my thoughts out. Even if no one is reading, it's for me. A nice release, even if it's just rambling thoughts (as I usually tend to do!). I am.

I never did get a chance to blog after my Romeo to Richmond Half Marathon on Sept 15th this year. It's really the main reason I kept feeling a nagging voice telling me to get on here and record the memory. It was SO different than last year's half. For so many reasons, #1 running 13.1 with friends is so much better than running it alone!! Mentally, that's so tough, and while I'm proud I did it last year, I have an even better experience this year from running with the friends I've been training with for the last 2 yrs. The course was also quite a bit easier. Training, way easier since this past year I'd kept up the higher miles and had already had experience with the training. I beat my time last year by 13 mins!! Overall it was just amazing. I'm so glad I did it! And I'm SO glad I have several friends who I can call up and go running with!

With that said, I've been tappering back the running. Part of me would like to do another half in 2014, do one every year. However, part of me would like to work on my speed, which I've already been doing and my pace has improved quite a bit. (From a 11.5/11 min mile to more like a 10/10.5 min mile) I can do the faster pace with less miles, once I get up over 3 miles, unless I'm running with friends and my mind is occupied, I really struggle with it. Also, 2 of the girls I trained with probably won't do a half next year. So, I'm thinking of taking a step back, or really doing a step I should have done a year ago instead of jumping head first into halves...and thinking I may do a couple 10k's and 5k's. They have a lot less time commitment involved! And it's easier to work on speed. Part of me is already resisting, I've always had a thing about how MANY miles. And I put speed second to that. I think I want to switch it around. I don't think I'll ever want to do a 8 min mile, I'm not sure my body is built for that (or better put, would ENJOY IT)....however to be able to hold a 9-10 min mile steady no problems, easy breathing, that would be great for me.

Honestly, I have been thinking about "junk" miles and I feel like some times that's what I do when I run. I run to burn calories, for example if I know I'm going out to eat, I want to run at least 4 miles and then I feel better about it. Or I feel like I HAVE to do 5 or 6 for my long run in the winter, but I may not enjoy it as much. Even during the week, I'd never let myself go under 3 miles (usually closer to 4), I didn't think a 2 mile run was worth my time. IDK, I'm just re-thinking that.

I've been healthy BMI for 2+ years, the first half of this year I struggled with keeping my weight "just so". I didn't want it to go up or down, I wanted it exactly at 113.5 However, the body changes and adjusts, so what if it's 115.5 now when I weigh in? It's been that nearly 2 years, other than the same 2lbs I may gain or lose. So...I am learning to not obsess with exercise and the weight. Running 2 miles is better than nothing and it's more than enough of a decent workout for a day. So is a 30 min circuit training DVD on a day I'm short on time. To be frank, even with my youngest in preschool now, I feel like I have even less time. So many days I just try to get *something* in. And you know what, I weigh the same. Whether I've run 4 miles Tu and 5 Thu or I only did 2 Tu and 3 Thu. So far, it's the same. I *have* also been adding a day or 2 more of my Jillian DVD's. Which, is another reason I just don't feel the need to run as many miles per week. I feel like the main thing over the last 3 yrs that got my weight off and toned/sculpted my body and gave me arm definition and abs I can was Jillian. And currently my point of working out has these goals

#1 Keep healthy, active, strong
#2 Enjoy it!
#3 Look Good.

That's it. :)
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    enjoying a workout is very important. you should run to relieve stress and clear you mind. When your workout starts feeling like work its time to switch up. awesome on keeping the weight off! I know where i live there are tons of 5 & 10Ks with themes they just seem to be alot more fun. Your friends might appreciate that too some shorter distances. a half marathon is alot to ask if they dont love to run in the first place. Like you said to train up for that many miles takes alot of time.
    1655 days ago
    You are not alone ! lots of people lurk around sparks and read blogs but never leave comments. I love your "rambling" it feels honest and natural.
    Great job on the maintaining and the runs. I am just a short run person with runs of 3-4 miles and nothing competitive just for me. I think you are doing great and have got round to a healthy way of thinking.
    Take care
    Anne emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1658 days ago
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