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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Moving from fall to winter, daylight savings, making the move from weight loss to maintenance...the last few weeks have been full of changes. Getting up in daylight is a welcome change; driving home in darkness not so much. With colder temperatures, I find that my motivation to go out and run or walk has completely evaporated. Poof.

With it being colder outside and darker in the afternoon, I feel chilled and when I feel chilly, I want comfort food. Also, my job, which has a seasonal nature, has gone from being moderately active with a good amount of walking and standing to being more sedentary - and super busy with database, file management, writing, and administrative projects. My office desk sits in front of a window, and the wall doesn't have the best insulation, so by the time afternoon rolls around I'm feeling downright cold.

So here's what I'm doing to avoid emotional eating and giving in to the desire to become a tater tot:

1. Layer and bundle up.
Long underwear is my friend. I can put extra layers under my winter coat now. I used to have a fleece vest that I would wear for extra warmth at work the last time I had lost this weight...gotta find it again.

2. Come to work prepared for needing an afternoon snack.
Rather than packing one large apple with my lunch, I now pack 2 small apples - one for lunch and one for afternoon snack. Last week I also took a short walk to the coffee place down the street for a cup of decaf and a square of some lovely dark chocolate.

I did learn this week that I've kind of lost my taste for commercial dark chocolate. A second trip to grab and afternoon decaf, I ended up getting a Dove dark chocolate bar. It was creamy, to be sure, but sweeter than the better stuff found at the coffee place slightly further away,and didn't satisfy me quite as well.

3. Prepare for winter sports.
I signed my son up for a nordic skiing league. He's in love with cross country skiing ever since he went with his school last year. I've only been twice in my life. I figure while the lad is out with the gang of kids, I'll improve my own skiing skills. To ensure that I'll be able to get up with ease after the inevitable falls, I'm working on skater squats and other lower body strengthening.

4. Work on upper body too.
As a shorter term measurable challenge for myself, I'm working on moving from doing modified push-ups to actual push-ups. My right shoulder has never been all that healthy, so I'm taking baby steps, doing one set of full push-ups and then sets of modified ones as part of my 7 minute circuit challenge.

5. 7 minute circuit challenge!
Since I haven't been great about getting to the gym at lunch time recently, and I'm not great about getting up to exercise, I'm finding that the 7 minute workout
is something I can squeeze into my evenings. Short and tough.

Most evenings I stop at one circuit; sometimes I do two. And the app I use to time the intervals (you knew there had to be some sort of tech carrot, right?) has some fun achievement awards.

I need to do a better job of getting to the gym or getting outside to do cardio three times a week, too. I find that a work out at lunch time leaves me less hungry in the afternoon than no work out. I know that may not make a whole lot of sense because theoretically I should need more calories, but I think I can stay better focused on my job after I've had a change of scenery and have moved around more.

So that's the plan. Because work's become a bit more sedentary, there hasn't been much of a change between my suggested calorie intake for loosing weight and my suggested intake for maintenance.

Have the changes in the season affected what you're doing too?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Does having a snowball fight on the side of a mountain count as a "change in activities"?

    Sounds like you've got a great plan in place - way to go! The only things I would suggest are:

    - buy a heater for beside your desk (seriously - best darned investment I ever made)

    - if you have a microwave at work, consider slicing up your afternoon snack apple, sprinkling it with cinnamon (and maybe 10g or so of shredded cheese) and nuke it for 1 to 1-1/2 minutes --- it's amazing how much more satisfying it is when you've been feeling chilled (that's actually my current morning snack)

    - if you don't have a microwave available, then maybe consider a small, wide-mouthed thermos that you can fill with either soup or one of your yummy veggie / bean stews for an afternoon snack instead (a good one will keep stuff warm for 6 hours or more)

    Taking up x-country skiing is awesome! Not only is it fun, a great workout (your thighs and butt will feel it), and should be a blast to spend time with your son --- it's also a great excuse to go shopping for the right gear! Now, if you combine it with geo-caching and pick yourself up a good GPS... it could even have a techie bonus!

    Thanks for the timely lesson in how to slide seamlessly in to maintenance --- I'll be remembering this when I get there.

    Hope you and yours are having a fabulous weekend!
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