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Emotional Motivation

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Around this time of the year, here in the Northeast especially, most of us who are trying to live this healthy lifestyle are getting seriously un-motivated. Between Halloween leftover candy (is that even possible?), Thanksgiving (in the states), and the Christmas season soon upon us (according to my local radio station, it's already here!), we are bombarded with food. It's enough to make a true food lover (which I am!) both excited and very nervous. emoticon
See, I'm not necessarily an all-emotional eater. Yes, sometimes it happens but if I am stressed or upset, I cannot eat! Before you all start stoning me, I do have binges, I do eat when no one is around to see me climb on the chair up into the top of the pantry where DH has hidden the leftover Halloween candy (don't tell me you don't do this, too!LOL), and I do like my snacks. Since I have to eat my last meal of the day very late (11PM-ish because of work schedule), I am sorely tempted to eat (and eat and eat) because it's THERE. emoticon
So this time of year has me VERY excited because of all my favorite foods and everyone gathered together and me doing the thing I love best - cooking and baking! What can I possibly do to change this - late night eating (bad stuff), pigging out (or pie-ing out) on TDay and Christmas, sampling all the goodies made beforehand (well, someone has to do it!)? emoticon

Motivation is what I need! Where can I find it? Sometimes it helps to go to the message boards and read some of the chat threads about this. But it's not real for me, just other people telling me what to do. I am a do-er - I have to see results, not talk about them!

So, the other day, I was tooling around the SP site, looking at some things I haven't looked at in a while. And I came to a screeching halt in front of "My Reports". For there, in black and white (and a little blue) was every bit of information I have tracked over the course of 14 months. Now, you might say, "Well, gee, what's new about that?" But, I always was stuck in "calorie mode", checking my calorie numbers on the top part of the reports page and hardly ever checking the workout and other goals sections. Yesterday, I checked everything and WOW! I did not realize how much I've changed in those 14 months until I read those reports.

Now, you should know that I HATE reports! So dry and cold - just a bunch of numbers and "just the facts, ma'am" boring old stuff. But these reports, oh, man, these reports - well, they glowed! They shined with a light! emoticon

53 pounds lost since Sept. 4, 2012. Energy level doubled. Stress level halved. Calories burned - twice the number since Sept. 2012.
48" waist 5/10/13 vs. 46" waist 8/10/13
51"hips vs. 50". 27" thigh vs. 26". 17" upper arm vs. 16".
3 minute step test heart rate - 98. now - heart rate 94.

and the bar graphs show a huge increase in the: minutes exercised, step tracking, distance, cardio, and strength training.
As opposed to "boring, dry reports", you can see a newer, healthier YOU! I gasped out loud at the measurements over time report alone! In just 3 months, all the numbers had lowered and changed completely. This, for me, is a huge "Emotional Motivation" moment. This, for me, is a "go get 'em, girl" moment. This, for me, is all I needed to not binge-eat last night, to not make that huge bowl of popcorn, to not climb up on the footstool and pull out the hidden candy, to not stalk the kitchen pantry again!
So please check out those "other" reports when you're feeling down and have lost your "EMMO" (EMotional MOtivation). They may be just what the doctor ordered to get you back where you need to be (away from the goodies!)
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