Pumpkin Madness (lots of pics!)

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Last week was Halloween! I love Halloween: it is becoming more and more popular to celebrate it in England and I wish it lasted for more than a day emoticon emoticon

So, to keep that Halloween feeling going, I went on a pumpkin bender! My son and I nicknamed it the "Pumpkin Madness" week. The aim: bake and cook as many things as possible with pumpkin and here they are!! emoticon

1) Apple and Pumpkin Butter (slow cooker)

I used the pumpkin flesh I had carved from my Jack o' Lantern and added some apples I had been given (not lookers, but looks don't matter when you simmer for half a day in a slow cooker!)

Add spices, sugar and a little water and place in a slow cooker. We went from this:

To this, in 14 hours:

We managed to get 2 big jars out of it (but only had 1 jar left after 24 hours, because my son and I are greedy!):

It is delicious stirred in Greek yogurt:

Or in this Breakfast Parfait, inspired by an Oh She Glows recipe (we used porridge oats, home-made almond butter and the apple/pumpkin butter for our layers):

2) Roast Pumpkin Tartlets (topped with crispy bacon or topped with chopped walnuts and Stilton cheese):

I then made some pumpkin puree (I cannot find it canned here in the UK) but first, I had to make sure to get all the water out of it. The best way to do that is by putting the pumpkin in a lint-free tea towel and squeeze the water out.

3) Sweet Pumpkin Pie with Crunchy Pecan Topping:

4) Pumpkin Breakfast Muffins (Paleo):

5) Pumpkin Cookies (with walnuts and dark choc chips) (Paleo):

6) And to finish with, a simple Pumpkin Soup:

And this marks the end of Pumpkin Madness Week! This was fun but I'm all pumpkined out!!

+ I cannot believe what happens today!! I was reading my latest copy of Natural Health Magazine and what did I spot?! My name in a Readers' Tips section on how to find tranquility!!!!

I had commented on a Facebook status by Natural Health Magazine but never imagined my tip would end up being published. My tip is the 2nd one down:

Have a fab weekend Sparkfriends! emoticon
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