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Minor Adjustments

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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Wow, can’t believe I’m just now making time to blog this week. It’s been chock full of work and play (sometimes, simultaneously). Tuesday was Election Day and I decided to walk to the polls. It’s not that far, a couple of miles to the library. It was a beautiful fall morning, perfect day for that kind of walk. So, I walked to the library, voted, headed to the grocery store and then hoofed it back home. It was a 90-minute walk and I ended up with over 16,000 steps that day.

I voted! On foot! :)

And now we must pause, to mourn the loss of my FitBit. At some point during a work night on Wednesday, it fell out of my pocket. I think it was somewhere on a hardware store run. I looked everywhere. I even downloaded an app a friend told me about—BTLExplorer. It scans for signals given by devices like FitBits and can help you hone in on them. No such luck. So, I am sad. I picture it somewhere out there, lost and alone, my little digital buddy. It was special because it was a Secret SparkSanta gift last year. Sorry, Secret SparkSanta! I don’t think I can get a replacement, because I don’t have a receipt or anything and it’s been a year. Fortunately, I also have a Spark Activity Tracker, so I can still track my steps and stuff. But I’ll miss being able to glance at the number on the readout and earn FitBit badges with my buddies. Boohoo.

RIP, lil FitBit, wherever you are.

On to other things. Life really is a series of adjustments, sometimes huge ones, sometimes small. Like it or not, things are always changing. My weight loss journey definitely reflects that. Over the summer, I was able to focus on doing the Spark Solution program. I wasn’t working at the time and didn’t have a lot of side projects going on, so I made it a high priority. And I got really close to my Wonder Woman goal. Then…

I went back to work full-time in September. Technically, I’m part-time, but it feels full-time to me. (lol) Now, my weeks are suddenly full of meetings, set designs, planning schedules, video shoots, scripts, technical issues, rehearsals, budgets, brainstorming sessions and a myriad of details.

View from the top of the lift. I banged my head on the ceiling. Part of my new normal.

And I love it. I really do. But wow, has it wreaked havoc with mealtimes around here! I have to plan ahead, or we end up eating on the run. Even making better choices, that hurts. My brain is occupied with so many things, I forget to plan for meals. Not good.

This is the obnoxiously gigantic lamp I replaced yesterday. Crazy.

I wish I could exercise away a bad diet. Oh how I wish I could. I thought it was possible, in the past. But come on, yesterday was Day 944 of my Exercise Streak. If I could work off a bad diet, I would’ve done so by now!

The yoga block is my new best friend. It's helping me be a better person. haha

Sadly, it’s simply not true. And the scale has reflected that, over the last couple of months. So—adjustments. Starting a new job, even one I really like, is a huge adjustment. Now, I have to find a better way to manage nutrition in the midst of what sometimes looks like a lot of chaos. I don’t have as much time to spend in the kitchen, so I need to make it count. This week, I took a small step in the right direction, simply by getting back to tracking my food. I’m going to try to sit down sometime over the weekend, and make a general plan for meals. I have to keep it super simple. This is all stuff I know to do; I’m just coming at it from a different angle this time. Adjustments. Gotta be flexible, even if you need a yoga block to help!

Audrey, helping paint set pieces. Love that girl!

Spark ON, Brave Sparkers!
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