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#4 Guess its that middle age thing

Friday, November 08, 2013

I am behind in A-Blog-A-Day, but I thought I would still go in order of the intitial prompts provided - Here is #4:

4. What motivates you to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle?

In thinking about this question, a common thread that I find in my blogs and comments comes to mind: I want to be healthy so that I can DO THINGS and be active for the next phase of my life. That empty nester/mother-in-law/(gasp) grandmother/proud mom of successful children/and loving-aging-wife.

Guess it is that middle age thing creeping to the forefront. I think back over the past 15 years and I just cannot believe how much time has passed and the incredible effort it takes to be a supportive loving wife and supporting, nurturing parent(s) to 4 children - Exhausting. It was so easy to put all of that 1st. No regrets.

NOW - I want to come alive and take the remaining great years head on. To do this I need to get my mind and body in a good place. Energy and ability combined with passion, adventure and compassion are my building blocks to the future.

I am motivated! And here are a few things I want to do:

Volunteer for the true needy
Visit a community far away that has benefited from our charitable donations (through Catholic Relief Services)
Ski in Colorado, Vt., Western Canada and The Alps
Travel, Travel, Travel
Play more golf
Hike on a 3-day backpacking trip - sleep outside without a tent
Be the "fun" grandma

Research and present a new in-school program for getting parents to take ownership of their children's efforts and results at school

Design 1 of the many crazy "inventions" and ideas that come to me while washing dishes/doing laundry or making dinner (oh I have many!)

Could keep going -but my Motivation is kicking in and I need to get outside on this lovely Fall Day!

Carpe Diem
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