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Friday 10-8-2013 Assortment

Friday, November 08, 2013

Tom’s pregnant wife, Lisa, went into labor, and when they arrived at the hospital, the doctor told them about a fancy new machine that could transfer a portion of the mother’s labor pain to the father. The doctor asked if they’d like to try it out, and the couple agreed. The doctor set the pain transfer dial to 15 percent to start, explaining to Tom that it would probably be more pain than he’d ever felt in his life. But Tom felt fine and asked the doctor to raise the pain level to 25 percent. So the doctor adjusted the dial but Tom still felt fine. The doctor examined him and was amazed at how well he was handling the pain. They decided to turn the dial to 50 percent. Tom still felt okay, and since it was obviously helping Lisa, Tom asked the doctor to turn the dial all the way up so he felt 100 percent of the pain. Lisa’s delivery went very well, and the couple was ecstatic to have a healthy baby.
The next day, they went home and found their mailman dead at their front door.
Which movie studio, before becoming a major success, won advertising industry honors for its clever TV commercials for Listerine and Life Savers?

Pixar Animation Studios. Its commercials won Gold Clios (the Oscars of advertising) not only for Listerine (1993) and Life Savers (1994), but also for Levi Strauss (1995 and 1997) and Hallmark (1997).

Burt Reynolds vs. Marc Summers

When Reynolds and Double Dare host Summers were both guests on a 1994 episode of The Tonight Show, Summers made a joke about Reynolds’s recent divorce from Loni Anderson. Reynolds reacted by picking up his mug of water and dumping it in Summers’s lap. Summers then tried to dump his mug on Reynolds, but the actor blocked it, sending it back into Summers’s face and nearly knocking out a tooth. Host Jay Leno quickly cut to a commercial, and when the show returned, he gave each man a cream pie to duke it out. The pie fight worked, and the two eventually called a truce. (Summers later claimed that as their faces were covered in pie, Reynolds whispered to him, “I only did that because I really like you.”)
Dustin Hoffman’s and Michael Jackson’s guest roles on The Simpsons were uncredited.
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