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Thankful to be another year younger.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Yes, you read that right. The year is almost over and I am at least one year younger than I was this time last year.

you might ask.

It is easy to explain. You see, today I am thankful for finding

In August 2012, I started this journey to strengthen my ancillary muscles around my knees to prepare for knee surgery because I could hardly walk. My almost 300# was taking a toll on my knees and I couldn't even walk up and down stairs normally. I hurt walking to the bathroom. I didn't want to move because I had no energy whatsoever. My hair was thinning, probably because of poor nutrition. I felt crappy. I felt older than my 55 years.

In August 2012 I started riding the stationary bike at the local Y to strengthen said muscles and within 1 week my pain was decreased. Within a month I could take the stairs normally, not baby-stepping them. Within 2 months, the pain was gone. My energy was coming back.

Fast forward to today, November 7, 2013. I am 135# lighter and rarely have any pain in my knees. Yes, I still have the arthritis that years of abuse caused, but the crippling pain is gone. I have energy and MOST mornings practically bounce out of bed to get to the gym at 5am.

Yep, Monday through Friday I am at the gym by 6am, which means in the summer, I get to see the sunrise in the mountains.

I am done at the gym and in my office before sunrise the other 3 seasons. I truly believe that I am healthier than I have ever been. I lost weight before. I was at this goal weight when in my 30s, but I do not believe that I had this level of health. I attribute this to listening to my body and giving it what it needs.

Part of this, probably a large part, is mental. I am not controlled by numbers anymore.

Numbers are indicators not definitive. THEY DO NOT DEFINE ME! There is a freedom in this that I have never before felt!

When I look in the mirror, I no longer see a old granny, I see a vibrant woman ready for another 56 years. 50 anyway....

I am probably not 1, but 5-10 years younger than I was 15 months ago.

Now I ask, do you want this, too? Join me! C'mon in, the water is fine! Join me in the Fountain of Youth!

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