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Thursday, November 07, 2013

I am seeing this more and more. Can't help but feel it's not the product she is talking about that helped her lose her weight, but I zoned in on the "cutting out all sugar and sugar substitutes" I am impressed to see another found that sugar is the culprit.

Hello, I am GiGi and this is my 4 month testimony on Skinny Fiber. I have struggled with being overweight most of my adult life. I decided I was sick and tired of my clothes not fitting and not being able to tie my shoes or walk up the stairs without losing my breath. I watched the Skinny Fiber testimonies for a few months and only wished that one day that would be ME telling the world how happy and proud I was that I lost weight too! I started out with cutting out all sugar and sugar substitutes, breads, pasta, soda, candy, cakes & potatoes. I know it sounds hard but it wasn't hard at all because it becomes all about REALLY WANTING this. Skinny Fiber is NOT a miracle pill, there is action that needed to be taken if I wanted and expected results. After cutting out all the bad carbs and replacing them with good carbs, I took my Skinny Fiber twice a day before my two biggest meals, for me it was lunch & dinner. I drank lots of water every day and I found that after just one week I was losing weight and feeling great. Here it is 4 months after I started and I have lost 35 lbs. and over 40 inches total body combined. I have never felt happier or confident in my life!

I am not promoting the product. I actually don't believe in these types of fixes. If I wanted more fiber that I may not get from my foods, then would head for something like Metamucil or something of that nature. Will stick with foods!! lol ................MJ

Another one on same products results, she said same thing.....where is this heading?

This is my story after my 90 day challenge!!!

Hi my name is Karen,
I have been overweight most of my adult life. I am 52 yrs old. I have had a lot of issues with my health in the last 15 years. The past 7 years my doctor has been most concerned with my liver enzymes being high due to a fatty liver. My doctor kept telling me alot of my health issues would go away if I lost some weight. I always left his office confident that this was the time I would succeed, but I have always had a very hard time losing weight and keeping it off. I had a full hysterectomy 9 yrs ago and it has almost been impossible to lose since then. I am the type of person who can go out and eat one time and gain back 3 pounds that took weeks to take off.

I have yo- yo dieted most of my life. My last doctors visit he finally said to me, " you're not a hundred pounds overweight but you still qualify for gastric bypass surgery ,due to your liver issues". I was shocked that he would mention this to me, as I looked around the room looking for someone else he could be talking to. He said he was very concerned about the damage happening to my liver and thought this might be the answer so he sent me to a gastro doctor. All my family and friends thought this was a horrible idea to have surgery and felt it wasn't necessary. I questioned that maybe I should do it , but I was very scared. I knew I was desperate to some how find a way not to have the surgery.

So I came on Facebook in tears wondering what I was going to do. I decided to look for a support group to lose the weight. I found one , I found motivation, and I found Skinny Fiber! I didn't, of course believe that it would work or even be safe, considering I was already on medicine for heart palpitations. I read all the testimonies over and over and got excited that this could be my answer. I told my gastro doctor about it and he said "It's fine as long as it doesn't have any stimulants in it". The rest is history. .

I purchased the buy-3-get-3-free pack; this way it was only 30 dollars a bottle for a six month supply. It is working great! It isn't a magic pill of course, I still have to watch portion control (easy now that I have to remind myself to eat) and I drink lots of water and I stay away from sugar , I really don't crave it anymore. I exercise 5 times a wk for 20 min. It is the easiest way of losing weight that I have ever done. I just finished my 90-day challenge and have lost 20 pounds and 21.75 inches. I started losing inches before pounds the first couple of weeks. Skinny Fiber helps me stay on a diet, where before I would have quit long ago. It takes the edge off , so to speak, so you can say no to sweets and junk food and not overeat. I still have about 35 more pounds that I want to lose but I know this time I will do it!

At my last doctors visit my liver enzymes were back to normal. I thought it was funny because he clapped and was so excited for me! He said keep losing the weight, whatever you're doing keep on doing it. My acid reflux is gone also.

These two are doing pretty much what I am doing. Except I don't use this product. All that stuff is what I am seeing happening to me, including no acid reflux anymore. The price of this stuff is enough to horrify me. Actually I can see the same results happening to them, without it. Mainly because they are changing up the way they eat. I mean duh! lol MJ
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    I'm glad your feeling and looking so good. That seems like impressive quick results to me. emoticon
    1687 days ago
    Beautiful stories!
    1687 days ago
    Much as we'd all love a quick fix and a magic potion, "there ain't one!" emoticon
    1687 days ago
    Thanks for sharing...I do believe as you do it can be done without the product and eating right. I have lost 69 pounds doing so. Just got to keep on keepin on. One day, one goal, one step at a time!!! emoticon
    1687 days ago
    Somehow, taking an expensive supplement, is allowing them to have the willpower to stop eating sugar. Getting enough fiber is important to our diets but that can be done with food.
    1687 days ago
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