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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Earlier this year, I started a blog with the words, "Someday, I honestly want to say, I MADE IT!"

Later that same day, I cringed a bit thinking about how I phrased the first line of that blog. At face value, it seems like a perfectly sound statement. The statement is accurate as it pertains to my health and fitness. Saying, "I MADE IT!" is very important to me. The problem with the phrase is the verb I use, "want". It may be the perfectionist in me speaking, but "want" should have been "will"! I should have said, "Someday, I honestly WILL say, I MADE IT!"

"MADE IT" is up to your own definition. Do you define it as making a certain number on the scale? Do you define it as being able to achieve some sort of physical challenge like a race? Do you define it as making a true lifestyle change that allows you to be as happy and healthy as you can be?

You and I both know how hard this thing is physically. We have to change our lifestyles 180 degrees from what we were doing. We have to get up and move! We have to exercise and push ourselves harder than most of us have ever pushed ourselves before. We deal with the aches in our joints and the soreness in our muscles, all in the name of getting healthy and trying to "make it". But, if you are anything like me, that physical pain is the easy part of this journey compared to the mental strain!

We are constantly dealing with the mental strain of what we are doing. We have to deal with that balancing act of being strict but not too hard on our selves for the healthy or unhealthy decisions we make. We have to have a short memory so we can forget a mistake and get back on track while keeping a long memory to learn from the mistake so we never make it again! It is a delicate game of chess that we play on a daily basis that can put the physical side of all this to shame!

In order to be successful and see the true change in our lives, we need that "WILL" mindset! Not if. Not might. Not want. WILL! No matter how big of a loss you want to see on the scale, you need to believe that you WILL make that number! Believe in the process. Believe in your struggle. Believe you WILL!

Did you fall down yesterday? Did you slip up? That was yesterday and today is a new day! A day filled with new opportunities, new challenges, new goals, and new possibilities! Embrace it! I want you to think to yourself right now, what am I going to do today to make myself better than yesterday? What am I going to do right now to take a step (even a baby one) in the direction to meet my goal? What am I going to do to make that "WILL" a reality?

I met my goal by tracking my food daily and keeping my calorie, fat, carb, and protein numbers within my allotted ranges. I finished Insanity, P90x, Tap Out XT, Les Mills Combat, and a 100 Day Hybrid of the four programs. The hard work I put in every day allowed me to go from 509 lbs. down to 293 lbs! That is how I have and continue to work towards being able to say, "I WILL MAKE IT!"

You won't take the path I took to get where you want to be. What worked for me, worked for me. You need to find your path. Just know, this thing takes work! This journey takes work! The success that you are looking for, takes hard work! We earn it!

We WILL, "MAKE IT!" We will NOT lay our king down in this chess game! We WILL put our unhealthy lifestyle in CHECKMATE!

Embrace The Possibilities

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