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Wednesday 11-6-2013 Assortment

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The day after a verdict was decided against his client, a lawyer stormed into the judge’s chambers and demanded that the case be reopened. He claimed that he had new evidence that would change the defense. “What new evidence could you possibly have?” the judge asked doubtfully.
The lawyer replied, “My client has an extra $5,000 and I just found out about it.”
Which was the first Hollywood movie based on a Saturday Night Live TV skit?

The Blues Brothers, in 1980.
The Drew Carey Show was a big hit, ranking in or just below the top 20 from 1996 to 2001. In 2001, ABC signed Carey to a lucrative multiyear contract through a ninth season in 2004. Carey got $750,000 per episode, or about $60 million in total. Unfortunately for ABC, the show’s ratings began to drop immediately after the ink on the contract had dried. The show finished the 2001–02 season at #57, and in 2002–03 was #119. ABC tried to cancel The Drew Carey Show … but according to Carey’s contract, they couldn’t. But it didn’t require ABC to air the ninth season, so Carey and the producers took the opportunity to experiment on ABC’s dime—a laugh track was abandoned and so was a studio audience, in favor of building fourth walls to sets and filming with handheld cameras. ABC did finally air the episodes over the summer of 2004, against the Summer Olympics on NBC.
Citizens of Monaco get free cable TV. (It’s paid for by the royal family.)
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