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Reflections on October '13

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

emoticon Physical Health:

- Flossing & Retainer: I flossed a couple of times, and wore my retainer for a few days at the beginning of the month. Still trying for once a week floss and more consistent retainer wearing!

- Spark goals. I'm at seven months of 500 minutes per month, and I’ve tied my highest streak of 90 minutes per week for seven weeks. I almost slipped one week, but I got the minutes in! I am still surprised at how much the streaks motivate me to keep active.

emoticon Dietary Health:

- Fruits & Veggies. Not great, but I did add some mixed frozen veggies to a recent spaghetti sauce, and I’ve found myself craving veggies sometimes. So that’s good!

- Fats. I have been incorporating ground flax seed into breads and baked goods. I’ve also been substituting any butter/margarine in a recipe for either olive oil (breads) or sunflower seed oil (baked goods), and honestly, everything still tastes mighty tasty to me.

- Carbs. I love carbs, but I have cut way, way back on boxed sweets/treats. So I’m feeling pretty good in this department.

- Protein. Another so-so category. I have been eating some more meat, but this month hasn’t been great for beans and fish.

- Water. For some reason, October was a rough month for water. Actually, my entire appetite, extending to even water has been pretty dulled. It’s possible it’s due to a medication I am currently on. But I’ve already in the last week or so been making extra effort to get more water.

emoticon Mental/Emotional Health:

- Work. I’m part time! So basically awesome. Much less stress. Fewer hours, fewer days a week.

- Home. Due to being part-time, I have had so much more time at home to help out. Honestly, my husband has been the one for the last couple of years who works the “second shift,” and I’m really not proud of that. I don’t want either of us to have to do that! So I’ve already been much more active in cooking and cleaning around the house. And I’ve had plenty of time to relax as well. Reading, knitting, playing games, cuddling with my pets. It’s been just wonderful. And the hubs and I have gotten to spend so much more quality time together since I’m not constantly stressed and exhausted.

- Piano. I’ve taken another break. I need to decide whether it is a “want” to continue, or if it has become a chore. I bet I’ll have a good idea once I’ve been part-time for a while.

- Outdoors. October was fabulous for outdoors. The weather was really beautiful, and I got to enjoy walking on the trail behind our apartment complex quite a bit. I borrowed The Woman in White eBook from the library and listened to it on the iPod while I walked the trail. One day when I was walking with Stephen we saw so many deer! I forget the exact number, but something like 13. Another time when I was by myself, I saw a little snake with a red colored band around its neck. I’ve even *gasp* started jogging for very short bursts on some of my walks. Never thought that would happen!

- Getting Creative. I haven’t worked much on the panda bear I’ve been knitting, but I did try a new pattern for a dishcloth, and it turned out really nice.

emoticon Spiritual Health (A fuzzy, but important category for me):

- Spending time outdoors

- Reading Theresa Caputo’s new book, “There’s More to Life than This” (You can roll your eyes at me! But really!)

- Watching the movie Cloud Atlas. It was just incredible. And with some similar messages as Theresa Caputo!

- For November: Try meditation.

emoticon Social Health:

- Important People. I’ve done a good job of connecting with some friends and not so much with others this month. I think this is due to some personal issues I have going on right now, and some friends are a better support for this particular circumstance. But I’d like to reach out K., J., and S. this next month. I miss them, and it’s been a while.

- Letter writing. No letters this month! I can’t believe it! Time to make a date with my typewriter.

emoticon Personal Takeaways for October:

- Best Thing of the Month. Being part-time at work again. This has been in the works for about 8 months now, and I have needed it so badly. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me.

- Room for Most Improvement. Fruits and veggies! Will I ever get better at this??

- Highlighted Food Goal for November. Fruits and veggies! Think about them, buy them, EAT THEM.

- Highlighted Fitness Goal for November. Get consistent again. October was front heavy as far as fitness minutes goes. I need to be more even and consistent.
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