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Committing to the Finish

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

It is a sad reality that I often see in so many people. They decide to start something only to quit. This is never truer than in starting a fitness program like P90X. I have been in the health and fitness business for over 4 years now and have seen it all. As a Beachbody coach and group fitness instructor I have seen so many people get excited for starting a fitness program, so much energy and excitement. This last for about 2-3 weeks then the reality sets in. Most people aren’t willing to make the permanent change that is needed to become successful. Things get in the way, and excuses start to mount.

I just couldn’t make it because work got in the way…

The kids had to get to soccer practice….

The dog ate my keys!

Excuses are like a virus, once you start with one it spreads! Darn near 2/3 of people start a program and never finish it. I have found that internal motivation is usually the issue. Many just lose focus and don’t want to keep stepping outside of our comfort zone. We get sore and the weight isn’t falling off fast enough so we are frustrated. Have you heard that one before, or possibly thought about it? So we give up thinking that it’s the process that doesn’t work. When in reality it is the simple decision to stay just outside your comfort zone that is the real issue. Let me explain.

If you know that you have to take the kids to soccer practice and know you can’t workout at night your other option is to get up earlier and get your workout done before work. However, it’s uncomfortable to get up 60 min earlier. You’d rather stay in bed then get up and workout. Sound like you or something you would do? Finishing what you start is about staying consistent and sacrificing for your goals. Easier said than done? YES, but that is why the majority of America is overweight and broke. We don’t tend to sacrifice on the right things.

With all this being said I want to leave you with some pointers to help you stay on track and FINISH strong! Here my top tips for finishing a program or continuing a path to a healthier you.

# 1 – Your WHY ~ Having a goal to get that beach body isn’t a strong enough reason to drag your butt out of bed in the morning. Buying a plane ticket to Florida and setting up Beach time is a stronger why. You have invested on your goal. Knowing that if you get healthier you will spend more times with your kids and give those stronger habits as they grow is a powerful why. Would you get up for abs or for your kids?

#2 – Having a Partner ~ Working out with someone else helps keep you accountable and motivated. Have a bet, start a workout fund, and the one that goes to class or workouts the most wins. Become part of a Beachbody challenge group, whatever you need to do to stay accountable to someone do it!

#3 – It’s Just the Start ~ Understand this is no finishing date. This is a journey that you should be enjoyed. Creating a finish goal is just the start but understanding that this is a life style change is what will drive you not just look for the goal-line but beyond.

I hope this post helps you in your quest to finish strong. I have found that by using those few things stated above you’ll have far more success than without them.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • RHOOK20047
    Thanks for the hints, I will have to incorporate them in daily life. Getting started is the hardest for me, as I use almost any excuse! But I am committed to regaining my health and go from there. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
    1661 days ago
    Great post ! The one that has helped me over the past 11 months is knowing that there is no finish line. This is a commitment to a healthier, stronger, happier (thinner) me who's reaching beyond weight loss to stronger better goals, not just a quick fix to look better !
    1683 days ago
    Nice post! I'll never be a (voluntary) "morning" workout person, but I've been able to stick to my workouts by doing them in the evenings... so I don't go to bed with a lingering excuse to rationalize my failure. I make time to do what I need to, and then get ready for bed. (And I've been sleeping much better, amazingly enough.) I think for me it's learning what I can consistently (make time to) do, and then doing it. Changing habits is never easy, but if we're truly determined to change... we will always find a way.
    Thanks for providing encouragement! Every little bit helps!

    1683 days ago
  • GABBY0913
    Thank you for the motivation!!!
    1689 days ago
  • ELSAT137
    Thanks Nick! I was getting bored with P90x and had thought about quitting but I refocused this week and I am hitting it hard! I will push to finish the whole round! Thanks for the push!
    1689 days ago
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