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The Odd Couple

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Today is day 22 of my "on track" streak!

My husband and I were once referred to by a former friend as "the odd couple." This friend wouldn't elaborate on what he meant by that. Perhaps he meant we were odd because of our age difference; I'm ten years older than my hubby. More likely, though, he was talking about our SIZE difference.

Hubby is a small guy, and it bothers him sometimes. He's five foot six, and weighs 150 lbs. Then there's me. I'm five two, but I've ALWAYS outweighed him. When we first met in 1996, I weighed 210. It surprised me that my weight didn't bother him. I even flat out asked him if he was embarrassed to be seen with me because I was so overweight. He said "Of course not...I love you. Are you embarrassed to be seen with me because I'm not taller?" Well, my answer to him was also "of course not!"

As the years went by, my weight slowly increased, and eventually my weight was in the 270's. Hubby never criticized me, though. He was still his same, loving self. The only time he ever mentioned my weight was during a vacation in Florida. We were walking in Saint Augustine, and it was a hot day. Every step was a huge effort to me. I was sweating profusely, my face was turning red, my heart was pounding, and I had to stop and rest a LOT. Finally, hubby said "Wait here, I'll go get the car and come pick you up." We were both afraid that I was going to collapse if I took another step! I was so relieved when he brought the car to me and I could get inside with the air conditioner on. But I was also ashamed. I knew that I had ruined our good time.

We rode in silence for a few miles, and then hubby said "You've got to do something about your weight. Its killing you, and I can't live without you." I felt like crying, because that was the most loving thing that anyone had ever said to me. And I vowed that I WOULD lose weight.

That was in August of 2005. I did lose the weight, but after less than a year of maintenance, I gained it all back...and then some. I wound up weighing 286 lbs, which was the highest weight of my life. I was so depressed and discouraged. I wasted the next few years with half hearted weight loss attempts. It wasn't until March 1, 2012 that I finally got serious and made a lifestyle change.

It hasn't been easy, and it hasn't been without detours. I have been able to maintain long streaks along the way. But there have also been many times that I have gone completely off track and gained a few pounds back. But hubby has always been there for me, reminding me that as long as I have more good days than bad ones, I will make progress. He is there to encourage me to workout when I just don't feel like it. He always tells me that he believes in me, and that gives me the strength to keep on going.

So far, I've lost 71 lbs. I'm still bigger than him, but I don't care. We may be the odd couple to some people, but I no longer let that bother me, and neither does my hubby. And with hubby's love and encouragement, I am going to keep working hard until I reach my goal. One day at a time!

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