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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Always Smile.
Believe in Miracles.
Cuddle Your Inner Child.
Do a Good Deed. (Random Acts of Kindness)
Express Gratitude. (Light a Gratitude Candle)
Forgive. (Forgiveness Meditation)
Grow Spiritually. (Ten Ways to Grow Your Spirit)
Heal. (What is Holistic Healing?)
Inspire Confidence.
Jump for Joy.
Keep Strong.
Love Yourself. (Love Yourself First and Always)
Multiply Abundance.
Nurture. (Nurture Friends)
Open Your Heart. (Opening Your Heart Chakra)
Pamper Your Body. (Bodywork Therapies)
Quiet Your Mind. (Healing Meditations)
Respect Boundaries.
Stop and Smell the Roses.
Touch Others. (Healing Touch)
Understand. (Empaths and Empathy)
Voice Your Needs. (The Secrets of the Voice)
Widen Your Horizons.
eXude Goodness.
Yearn for Love.
Zigzag Through Life with Zeal. (Live a Life without Regrets)

Just got back from the hospital and saw DD she is drowsy of course and doing well considering everything……
Could not see SIL as he was in the recovery room until midnight or so spoke with the surgeon and he is quite happy with the kidney response so far.
i cannot thanks everyone enough for all your prayers....
they were answered!!!
your support has been greatly appreciated.....
blessings and hugs Lita

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