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A Cost Comparison: Budgetmaw/Me

Monday, November 04, 2013


$132.46 $170.07

2 heads of iceberg lettuce at $1.18 per head - $1.69
1 jar of ranch salad dressing, for $1.39 - $2.59, store brand
4 pounds of carrots for $1.48 per 2 pound bag - $2.5 2 pound bag
a salt and pepper combo pack for $1.27 - couldn't find them on any receipts
2 8-oz packs of cream cheese for $1.29 each - $1.66 this wk on sale Philly!)
10.24 pounds of hamburger for $1.99 per pound - $2.98
5+ pounds of country style pork ribs for a total of $8.83 -$3.99 per pound (baby back) $2.39(chops)

5.49 pounds of split chicken breasts for 99 cents per pound - $2.39 per pound
1 pound of sunflower seed kernels for $2.50 - don't eat them
a head of cabbage for $1.49 -.89 per pound
a jar of chili powder for 64 cents - couldn't find it in a receipt or weekly ad, I think it was about $3 for one of those standard jars
3 pounds of frozen broccoli for 99 cents a pound $1.50 for 15 oz store brand if you buy 2
1 pound of frozen spinach for $1.58 -$1.50 for 10 oz for 2
1 head of garlic for 52 cents - can't find it on a receipt or ad, I think this time of year it's less than $1.00
1 jar of cinnamon for 64 cents - no clue, I have a big jar and haven't bought it for a while
4 cans of tomatoes for 59 cents each - $.99 store brand
8 cans of green beans for 49 cents each $.90 for Green Giant in the ad
10 dozen eggs for $1.29 per dozen $8.33 about $1.68 per dzn
6 pounds of onions at $1.49 per 3 pound bag - $.89 per pound
4 cans of tuna at 69 cents per can - $.89 for store brand
1 box of sucralose (100 packets) for $1.49 - not sure, I've had the same box for a while
1 jar of spicy brown mustard for 99 cents - $2.29 Inglehoffer
1 pound of butter for $2.49 - $3.78 Darigold

This stuff comes to about $103.45 (not counting 5% tax) and this doesn't count sunflower seeds, chili powder, cinnamon, sucralose. For some things a store brand will work, other times not so much- for instance I like the higher end salad dressings if I don't make my own. I can do store brands for canned and frozen veggies. I look at labels on things like the mustard since off brands can sometimes add cheaper ingredients (HFCS) upping the carbs.

I'm frugal but I honestly don't know if I could live on that without having to go to the dark side for fillers. Last week I cooked a turkey: about .69 per pound, 14 pounds ($8.26), I got 4 dinners, 2 lunches and a big pot of soup (1 big carrot, 2 celery, half a bigger onion, 8 oz mushrooms, thyme, sage, s & p). I got tired of turkey!

I'd be hard pressed to get mayo, cream, avocados, the odd fresh tomato, peppers, sausage, cheeses, coffee and a few other things I use a lot of. I would be thinner because I wouldn't be eating as much! Even if I double the allotted amount, my DH can eat that in a week, fortunately he eats 2 weeks worth of meals at work each month and at home he eats what put together which might not always be as much as he'd want or would eat if he could.

This makes me seriously think about my own gluttony and just how lucky I am that for the most part I can prepare and eat what I'd like. But it also makes me realize I could be doing so much better!

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    I so agree! If the farmers would just start doing it, people would buy it. I raise my own chickens- none out there now because they were 3 and 4 and had become more mouths to feed, I'll get another batch this spring (they come from Iowa! So I have to wait a bit longer to get them) and raise them- there is nothing like a real egg! Although their food is horrendously expensive, they don't get much; neighbors will save veggie scraps for them and I give them eggs when I can. They eat the vegetables that are too far gone for people but not compost yet. They free range for about 7 months of the year and when we filet a salmon or halibut, or cut meat off deer or moose, I'll cook the bones and let them pick at them if I'm not making stock. With the coop cleanings, I make compost or mulch- I don't get much sun living in the mountains shadow, but I can grow lettuce, parsley, cabbage and such. Potatoes and leeks, root crops etc. grow at a friends house.

    Personally I think we should all keep a cow, a pig and some chickens and raise veggies like in the old days.

    Yes, it is expensive but there are ways to save money if you do coupons, shop sales, stock up on items when they are on sale so you have them. Like this time of year it becomes a game to see where the cheapest turkeys are and if you spend X number of dollars will you get one for free. They don't say it has to be food so if you get laundry soap, shampoo, cat litter and what not, you can get the bird. I'll get 4 and stick them in the freezer and have one every 3 months or so. Chicken stock, canned pumpkin and some spices are on sale now. Corned beef is March- I'll blanch the free cabbage and freeze it.

    My problem is variety and time! If I didn't have to go to the S H everyday, the house would be clean, the garden would be nicer, the animals would be happier, I could do more with what I had- you all know that drill. What has this country come to? Kids are awful and in trouble and you can't discipline them. Can't say Merry Christmas. Moms have to work to help support the family. Geez, I sound like my mother, but that's a different blog.
    1630 days ago
    As Maw proves time and time again, you CAN eat low carb on a food stamp budget, but you CANNOT eat organic low carb on that budget. She is quite happy to use lard and bacon grease in place of stuff with soybean oil, but there won't be any coconut oil, or grassfed beef, or organic free-range chicken eggs.

    I made the decision a couple years back to start buying a few things of better quality even when the budget was tight, because the sooner we ALL demand humanely-raised, organic meats and non-GMO organic produce the sooner it will become common and (hopefully) eventually less expensive.
    1630 days ago
    Aren't things generally more expensive there?
    1630 days ago
    Even the "bad" foods are expensive now. And shrinking in size for more $$ :o(
    1630 days ago
    it is expensive to eat well.
    1630 days ago
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